(ha, Brea, I beat you)

A Very Conveniently Shaped Lamp


  Frisk walked along the dark brown road, clearly visible against the blinding white snow. She could see a brown bridge in the distance. She was lucky to have decided to go now, when it wasn’t snowing. Bewildered by the world around her, she wasn’t looking where she was going. She tripped on a giant black stick. Frisk fell on her face. Chara laughed at her, the stick was so big it should have been obvious it was there. Frisk got up and continued to walk.

  “Voice, what is your name? I want to be able to call you something. Don’t hide, ’cause I know your there.” Frisk said. Chara didn’t know if she should let Frisk talk to her, or if she should stay hidden. “I know I’m not that smart to know everything about the monsters here. And I wouldn’t laugh at myself…” Frisk made a pouty expression.


 “So you do have a name! Well that is great. Now I can talk to you. Can you hear my thoughts?” Frisk asked. The town had a legend of a boy who had a ghost attached to him. The ghost could here everything that went on in his head, even the things the boy didn’t know he was thinking about.

 “No-I-can-not.” Responded Chara, “I-can-only-here-the-things-you-say-and-see-the-things-you-do.” Chara knew that this was going to be more exciting then it was before.


 Both Girls spun around. The giant stick from before had now been broken in half. There were foot prints leading to the trees from the branch. Who ever had done it, had run into he trees. ‘We’re being followed.’ Frisk thought to herself. She turned back to bridge she was heading for. It was only a few yards away. She could run it, but she would run out of energy by the time she got over the bridge. Frisk continued to walk, but a little quicker. She looked back every two feet, and there were always more foot steps.

 Frisk reached the bridge. She almost walked over it when a dark voice from behind her started talking.

 “I know what you are, human.

The voice was so dark and deep, it made Frisk freeze in place. Surly, this thing was going to kill her. Her soul would be weaken and it would tear it from her. Chara, on the other hand, turned around as soon as she heard the voice. Tears started to pore from her eyes. She was going to see it happen again. He killed all the others, and probably won’t give Frisk a chance.

 “Don’t you know how to great a new pal? Turn around and shake my hand.

 Frisk closed her eyes, and ran. She ran as far and as fast as she could. The bride suddenly became as long as a road, and was now at least a mile long. This wasn’t going to stop her. Frisk ran and ran.

 “Don’t-stop!-Other-monsters-can-become-friends,-but-he-will-not.-Run!” Chara yelled. She was going to help this one. Keep this one alive to kill Asgore.

 Frisk kept running, but she started getting very tired. She ran out of breath, and fell.

 “Well, that wasn’t very nice. Shake my hand or else…

 Frisk sat up and took the hand. Was this the end of her? It surely was, why else would Chara be so scared? Frisk held the hand tighter. ‘Why is he holding a balloon?’


 “HA HA! Wow! No human has ever been that scared of me! I mean, seriously, you look like you’ve seen a murder!” The thing fell over with laughter, “You know, I’m supposed to be on watch for humans. But, y’know, I don’t really care for capturing anybody.” Chara knew this was all a trick. There is no possible way for him to be nice around a human. He wasn’t happy with her around him, so why is he doing this now? So it will be easier for him to get her latter? “Now my brother, Papyrus…” Sans continued, “he’s a human hunting fanatic! Hey, actually, I think that’s him over there. I have an idea. Get off the bridge and go over there.”

 Frisk listened to him. The bridge had magically shrunken back down, so it was easier to get to the other side. She walked onto the snowy ground, and the thing followed.

 “Now quick, hide behind that conveniently shaped lamp!”

 Frisk went behind the lamp. It was shaped just like her, somehow.

 “Sup, bro?”

 “YOU KNOW WHAT’S ‘sup’ BROTHER.” Yelled who Frisk guessed was Papyrus. “It’s been eight days and YOU STILL HAVEN’T RE-CALIBRATED YOUR PUZZLES! You just hang around your station! What are you even doing?”

 “I’ve been staring at that lamp. It’s pretty cool. Do you wanna look?”

 “NO!! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! WHAT IF A HUMAN COMES THROUGH HERE!?! I want to be ready! I will be the one. I MUST be the one! I will capture a human! Then, I, the great Papyrus, will get all the things I utterly desire! Recognition, respect… I could join the royal guard! People will ask…to…be…my…’friend’…? I will bath in a shower of kisses every morning, and people will call me their hero!” Papyrus continued. It seemed Frisk could never come out of hiding! Now that Frisk thought about it, Papyrus and the other thing looked a lot like skeletons.

  ‘Skeleton brothers… that sounds cool. I should find out the other ones name…’ Frisk thought to herself

 “Huh. Sounds interesting. Maybe this lamp could help you.”

 “SANS. YOU ARE NOT HELPING!” Said Papyrus. Frisk finaly got a name for the other skeleton brother. Papyrus continued, “YOU LAZYBONES! All you do is sit and bondoogle! You get lazier and lazier every day!”

 “Hey take it easy.” said Sans, “I’ve gotten a ton of work done today. A skele-ton.” A random drum set did the badum ting people use when they make a joke. Frisk wanted to look around for where it could have come from, but she didn’t want to risk getting found.


 “Come on, you’re smiling.” Sans said in a teasing tone.

 “I am and I hate it. Sigh… Why does someone as great as me have to do so much to get some recognition?” Papyrus responded. Frisk thought it was really weird that Papyrus said ‘sigh’ instead of actually sighing. Maybe some people do that she thought.

 “Wow, it sounds like you’re really working yourself… Down to the bone!”

 “Ugh…I will attend to my puzzles. And as for you work, put a little more backbone into it! Nyeh heh heh heh!” And Papyrus ran off. Just a second after he did, he ran back. “HEH.” And then left for good.

 “Okay, you can come out now.” Sans called to Frisk

 Frisk crawled out of her hiding space.  She wasn’t sure if she should continue to trust him. She knew that she surely wouldn’t make it through if she didn’t have a friend at her side, but maybe someone else. Chara was scared. If Frisk continued to stay with him, she would surely die. Why wasn’t he killing her yet? Now that Chara thought about it, he never killed any of them near his brother.

 “Sans, where is the nearest…warmer place?”

 “Oh, well the closest one here would be Snowdin. That’s pretty close. Want me to-” Frisk interrupted him.

 “No! No. I’ll be fine. Thanks for…saving me from Papyrus. I will be going.”

 Sans just walked away after that. Frisk started walking the direction Sans had pointed. After a few minutes, she got to a fork in the road. There was a sign, but Frisk couldn’t read it.

 “Chara, what does that say?”


 Frisk looked inside and found a pair of gloves, and she put them on. She took another step forward, but was pulled into battle. It was like a fight she had with a froget, very unexpected. This monster wasn’t like any of the others she had seen. This one was like a chicken, but it had a mask the looked like a giant snowflake.

 “You-have-run-into-snowdrake.” Chara said.




~The Flames of Heart Break~

  The room became smoldering hot. The stone walls began to shine red with heat. Toriel’s brown-red eyes had now become a bright red. So bright that Frisk couldn’t look her in the eye. Frisk knew that there was nothing that she could do. Her soul was being pulled out. Frisk fought and pulled back.

  “Fight me!” Toriel yelled. Frisk was startled allowing her to be pulled into battle.

  Frisk stood in fear. She forgot everything she had learned on her way here, how to dodge, how to attack, how to grab an something, everything. Toriel hit her at least three times. Frisk was tempted to scream, but didn’t. Frisk knew that she had no choice. She picked up a toy knife laying on the ground. Lifting it up, she saw something. Her vision was split in two. In one eye, she saw a path of blood and dust. Many fights that would have her die over and over and over, but she would gain the power of restarting. In the other eye, she saw path of peace where Frisk would make many friend, and would survive to the end with only a stick in hand. Blood and dust, with a reward of forever living…or a path of peace where she would die eventually? Frisk went back to reality. It was her turn to do what she wanted. Her faite would be decided by this battle.

  She made her choice. She dropped the knife, and took a step forward.

  “Toriel, please, don’t do this to me. I just want to go home! Why can’t you just let me through? Why not come with me? I could help you get out with me!” Frisk screamed. The fire was roaring with Toriel’s feelings.

  “Child, I can not leave! I am forced to stay here in this hell of loneliness! I could leave, leave this place forever! But then I would be out there seeing everyone try to kill everyone. And what for? To become king? To be feared? Hell if I know!” Tears started rolling down Toriel soft face.

  Frisk was overwhelmed by the emotions Toriel was sending out. It started to make her cry too. Frisk ran to Toriel. The fire didn’t matter anymore. Frisk was burned on the hands. She gave Toriel a giant hug. Sometimes people just need a hug, and in this situation both needed that hug. Frisk held on to Toriel, no matter how much she was burned. Frisk started getting burns on her ankle and back.

  The fire started to cool. Toriel’s eyes started to return to normal. She wrapped her arms around Frisk. The fire was put out completely. Toriel’s tears didn’t stop, but now they where not only of sadness, but joy as well.

  Frisk was crying. She hugged Toriel tighter. Toriel’s dress felt so soft, it was like hugging a giant stuffed bear. Toriel stepped back and took another look at Frisk.

  “Frisk, I- I- I don’t want you to leave. But I do understand how you feel. I will let you through, but only on one condition. Call me. Call me everyday. Any time you have. Ask me for help, or just tell me how you are doing. I want to know that you are safe. If you don’t, I might just die. You are the last one. I will…I won’t let them kill you. If anyone brings you close to the end, call me. I will come.”

  Toriel opened the door. On the other side was snow and trees. It was a relief from the heat of the room they where in.

  “Good bye, Toriel. I promise, I will call you everyday.” And Frisk stepped out of the room. She turned around one more time to wave, but Toriel had already left.

  The door closed behind Frisk. She hadn’t seen he tiny room before the open door. Flowey popped up in a little grass patch in the middle of the room.

  “Oh, you probably feel so good after getting past her without killing her. But what will happen when you get to someone you can’t spare? What then? Will you just let them kill you over and over and over? hmm? Well, I will let you know I will watch your every move. And the moment you slip and hurt someone, I will tell the whole world!

  It laughed as it went back into the ground. It sent a chill up Frisk’s spine. Frisk then realized how much pain she was in. She ran to the snow, jumped, and landed on her back. The snow melted underneath her.

  “How can it snow underground?” Frisk said out loud to her self.

  She looked over at a bush. It seemed there was a camera badly hidden in the bush.

 “Could that flower have cameras all over this place?” Frisk said, “I should start walking. I need to get as far as I can before someone finds out I’m here.”





The scanner broke, now the computer broke. So this is what I will be doing for a while.


 Frisk went into her bedroom. The clock on the wall said that it was 8, and she was plenty tired. Her room was a bright orange, with light yellow furniture. There were two stuffed toys on the bed, and drawings on the wall. She wondered who drew them. She took one off the wall, and on the back it said it was drawn by Marcy. I wonder who that is? I wonder if I will find them somewhere…

 Chara knew to well who it was drawn by. She had seen her. She had lasted as long as the waterfall. It was sad to see her go… She was the smartest of them all. So many . . . The ballerina, the chef, the author, the cowboy, the ribbon girl, and the athlete. . . all gone. Because of what she and her brother had started. Had she really done the right thing?

 Frisk found herself a nightgown and went to bed. She left her clothes folded on the floor, so she could where them again tomorrow. She slowly fell asleep, but Frisk couldn’t stop thinking about Toriel or that flower. How did she know she could trust Toriel, and how could she ever feel safe with that flower? She dreamed of her being with her parents, and playing outside with her friends. It had only been one day, but it fealt like it had been forever since she had last seen them.

She suddenly wakes up from the sound of the door closing behind someone. She looks at the floor where her clothes were. In there place lay a freshly baked slice of pie. Frisk picked it up and walked to the kitchen.

“Oh! Up already? I see you have got the pie,” Toriel said, “It is a cinnamon and butterscotch pie! You aren’t allergic to either of those, are you?” Toriel had to deal with Charles being allergic to cinnamon. It was such a scary experience.

Frisk replied to her, “Oh, no. I’m not. Thank you. Where are the forks?”

“Um, they are in the first drawer to the left.”

“Thank you.” And she placed the plate on the table in the living room, and ran into the kitchen.

Chara started thinking about the downstairs. The door to Snowdin was there. If Frisk stayed here, she would live a boring life with Toriel and the Froggits. If she left, she could meet a bunch of people, but be led to an uncertain faite. She could be killed by Asgore, or by any random by-stander.

 Frisk was going to her room, when she noticed the stairs. She hadn’t noticed them before because she was distracted. What could be down there? She wondered. She looked down the stair way. It lead to a long purple hall way it looked like. Frisk walked half way down the stairs, when Toriel yelled that it was time for dinner.

 “Toriel, where do those stairs go?” Frisk asked Toriel as they sat down at the table.

 “Oh, no where, my child.” She said. Toriel decided that she should talk about something else, before the child decided to leave. Maybe she could make her feel guilty about thinking of leaving. “I have already planned an education for you. You might not know that I have always wanted to become a teacher. Well, it might not be that surprising. But still.”

 “Oh. Can I tell you about my life on the surface? I think you might enjoy it.” Frisk said.

Chara remembered all the times her brother would ask what it was like on the surface. When she was still alive, there were no rules. You could kill or abuse anyone without someone stepping in and saying No. That was why she left. These days, it was different. People became more civilized and would get in trouble for just piking something up that wasn’t your’s.

 “Oh, yes! Please do!” Toriel answered, eager to find out what it was like up there.

 “In our village, the sun almost always shines. All of us children have to wear a stripped top or dress. The girls normally where dresses, but I had 6 older brothers so I got their cloths when they grew out of it.” Frisked started, “I had such a nice family. I went up the mountain on a dare. I thought that my friends would have gone all the way up. If they had, I would have never fallen down here. I tripped on a vine, and fell backwards…”

Frisk’s chest tightened and heated as she remembered the dreadful experience of falling down. Knowing that she would certainly die, and no one would know. She got a head ache and the room started to spin. She fell out of her chair, passed out on the floor.

It was no surprise. The girl would obviously be traumatized from such a thing. Chara remembered how long it took her to recover just from the fall. Toriel picked up Frisk and put her in her room. Toriel knew exactly how to treat a shock.

When Frisk woke up, she knew what she was going to do. She was going to ask Toriel how to go home. Talking about her family reminded her that she can’t stay here forever. She needed to go home as soon as possible. She went into the living room where Toriel was sitting in a chair reading a book next to the fire.

“Toriel, how do I get home?” Frisk asked her.

“Why child, this is your home!” Toriel responded. She was shocked that the child got right to it. Normally, they waited a month or until they fully recovered. Frisk still was in the process of recovering.

“But Toriel, I have to go to my home!”

“Child, I must do something.” Toriel got up and went down stairs.

Frisk still didn’t know what was down there, but now she knew that there was something important. She followed Toriel down the stairs. Toriel stopped in her tracks.

“Do you really want to go home?” She said. Then she continued to walk.

Frisk followed Toriel through the dark hall way. It was very long and very cold. They continued walking until they reached a giant stone door. It reminded Frisk of the other doors she had seen. They each had the same symbol above.

“Behind this door is the rest of the Underground. The people behind this door will kill you. All of the children have gone past this door. They leave, the fight, they die.” Toriel said in a monotone voice.

“Why does it happen? Why does everyone but you want to kill me?” Frisk said, raising her voice in panic.

“Because of him. He, Asgore, is killing them to break the border and battle the humans once again. They killed our children, and he want revenge. I help you because I don’t want someone else to go through the same thing. Death can not be undone.” She paused, “Do you really want to leave? Prove your self worthy and fight me.”

Torie set the exit on fire. She made balls of fire and started throwing them at Frisk.








     She walked through doorway at the end of the room. The next room was covered in autumn leafs. All of them were red. Frisk thought it was a beautiful sight. Chara thought of it as boring. She had been in this room SO many times, kicking the leafs with her brother, Asriel. Frisk walked through the room, looking around at all of the beautiful leafs. When she got to the middle of the room, she felt a chill go down her spine. She looked down and saw she was standing in a ghost.

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” said the ghost. It kept repeating that, in hopes that Frisk would go away.

“(are they gone yet?)” thought/said that ghost. It opened it’s eyes. He saw Frisk and Chara (which only makes sense because Chara is a ghost as well).

Frisk knew that this ghost was not going to move. She tried to ask it to move, but it kept saying, “Zzz” louder and louder. She knew that it was no hope to just ask. She decided to move it with force. Right as she had made that decision, She heard a blink sound, and hear soul was taken out again for battle. She was going to fight a ghost.

play this song to get the real feeling of the fight! Put it on loop!

Chara was frightened. “why would she do that? Did I judge her wrong? She made herself fight Blooky!” But Chara still had to give her the information she did every other time.


Frisk knew that she could get out of this without hurting the poor thing. She decided to tell the ghost a joke.

“Heh…that was good……..” The ghost said in reply. Frisk could see that the ghost was obviously sad. She gave him a patient smile.

Nabstablook started crying into the box her soul was in. The tiers where white, so she knew she should avoid them. It was quiet easy. She heard a catchy jazz-like song start in the background.

“knock knock!” She said

“Who’s….there….?” replied Nabstablook


“Boo who?”

“Don’t cry! It was only a joke!”

But the ghost started crying. Frisk couldn’t tell if it was of laughter, or if she had accidentally made fun of him. She dodged most of them, but got hit a few times. Her health was lowered to 10/20. She cried in pain. The ghost saw and felt so bad. He thought a trick might cheer her up.

“Let me try something.” He said. He made his tears fly up to his head. It built up until it took for of a top hat.

“What the heck?” Said Frisk. She started laughing. She didn’t know that was possible!

“Thank you……..for laughing…..” said Nabstablook. His voice was trailing off. “I’m sorry I hurt you………I’ll leave now…….” he quickly added,”I came here to be left alone…..you showed me that not everyone is mean……..and scared of me……”

He left. Frisk found 30 pieces of gold on the ground where the ghost had been. Lucky her!

you can turn off the music now.

She went to the next room, and saw a bunch of buttons and pillars. A sign on the wall read, “This room is a map of the others. Find a sign on the wall, and it will tell you which button to press. In this room, press the red button.”

She walked over to the red button. She herd a loud ‘KA-CHUNK’ sound. She turned around and saw a door open. She walked through and had to complete the same puzzle again, thought it wasn’t much of a puzzle.

Chara knew this puzzle had just told where to go. The first sign was a joke. There wasn’t a sign in the other rooms.

press-the-blue-button”  She said. The last door opened, and they left the puzzle rooms. she was led to a larger room than the other ones she had seen. There was ivy growing on the ground and walls. There was more red leaves laid out on the ground in the center of the room. She walked towards it and turned left. She walked through a stone arch, and saw a giant black tree. She figured that was where all of the leaves had been coming from. Behind the tree was a little yellow cottage, built into the rock walls.

Toriel ran out, “Oh! I hope I haven’t left them waiting to long- Oh!”

“Hello!” Frisk said.

“My child! I was not expecting you to come! I thought I told you to stay put! Oh well!”

“Well, I am here now.” Frisk said. Showing that she was unharmed. Even though she was obviously hurt.

“Come inside, Child. This is your new home.”

Frisk was taken by the hand and walked into the cottage. A beautiful lullaby was playing over and over in the house. It made the home feel like it was full of love and warmth.

Play this song to get the real feeling of the house!

Toriel went into the kitchen to get some bandages. Frisk went exploring. She went into the living room and sat in a big giant chair. Toriel came out of the kitchen, and wrapped up all of Frisk’s cuts.

“I think I will like it here!” Said Frisk

“I think you will.” And Toriel chuckled.

Frisk started to think that it was true what the voice in her head had said. She was going to be here a long time



Heck ya! I’ve gotten to part 4!!!!! whoop whoop *does raise the roof* Remember-any pictures in here are just being used while I make new ones and figure out how to get THE DAMN SCANNER WORKING.


The Feeling of Determination

Frisk started to get quicker with dodging the white things that everyone was throwing at her. She made many good friends. Chara was having a good time watching her. Frisk got to a bridge that was impossible to cross. Giant spikes with blades on every side poked out from under the river. She thought that she was stuck there forever, when she remembered what Toriel had inferred. Everything here was opened with a puzzle. She saw three rocks and three pressure plates. The rocks were more like boulders, but she was able to push them onto the pressure plates. The last one though, it wouldn’t budge. Then all of the sudden…

“What do you think your doing?!” Yelled the rock

Frisk was startled and couldn’t say anything.

“What do you think your doing?” It repeated, “I will not stand to be pushed around like all those other rocks. I prefer to be asked!”

“Well then,” Frisk said, “could you please move? I need to get over there, across that bridge. Someone is waiting for me.”

“Okay, sure.” And the rock moved a foot, but it was not enough.

“Could you please-“

“Move a little farther?” the rock interrupted, “Sure.” And the rock moved off the path to the plate.

“No, could you please go over onto the pressure plate?” Frisk asked

“just-moved-onto-the-pedestal-already” Yelled Chara. Though she knew she wouldn’t be heard.

“You are giving me quiet the workout, kid.” and the rock moved onto the pedestal.

Frisk walked over to the bridge and was just about to step on it, when the rock moved of the pressure plate. She looked over and gave it an angry stare.

“You wanted me to stay there? Sheesh! Just be specific the first time, then!” He moved back onto the pressure plate, and let Frisk pass.

Frisk went into the next room and looked around for Toriel, but instead found a table. She heard a mouse squeak. She went over to the table, to pick the cheese up and give it to the mouse. The cheese was stuck to the table.

you-know-that-you-can’t-get-the-cheese-off.” said Chara. But Frisk was still determined. She tried to pick up the cheese again and again, but couldn’t.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sparkly star. She walked over to it, mystified. She touched it, and heard a voice. A different voice from Chara. The voice of determination.

Knowing that one day the mouse may get the cheese, you are filled with DETERMINATION. Do you want to save your progress? If you die, you will pop right back to where you were the last time you saw one of me.

“Yes,” Frisk said, “I want to save now”



____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________A TUTORIEL_______________________________

“We will start your training on this dummy.” Said Toriel.

Frisk didn’t think that this thing would ask her to fight! But then again, she would have to defend herself, wouldn’t she? So she went up to the dummy and punched it with all her might to show that she was ready.

“Oh my goodness! No, child! I was not going to teach you strategic skills! Child, Just because people are out to get you, doesn’t mean you can’t change their mind. Apologize to the dummy and say it was nice to meet him.”

“Sorry, Mister Dummy,” said Frisk, “I didn’t know I shouldn’t punch you! I thought I should because that is what is normally done when there is a dummy. It was very nice to meet you. Goodbye.” And reluctantly  gave him a hug. Toriel seemed to be pleased by it.

“Okay, Child, you might encounter your first enemy quiet soon so think up conversation starters.” said Toriel. Frisk was confused, she actually had people out to kill her down here?

“Toriel,” Frisk said in her child like voice, “My name is actually Frisk, so could you please call me that?” She said to Toriel. But Toriel was busy glaring down any one that might come near Frisk.

Chara was amazed on how much the Ruins had changed. How long have I been gone? She thought to herself. She had never met any of these Frogits or Whimsomes. They must be part of another generation! She noticed that Toriel was more jumpy than usual. Something must have happened to have made her wake up now, but not before. What was it? She realized what it was; DETERMINATION

“Oh! Forgive me Child, but I just remembered. I must clean the house and get some groceries. It has been so long sense my last visit! Oh, and if you decide to go adventuring, please call me on this phone.” Toriel handed Frisk the phone saying, “My number is already in there. I might not pick up once I have my groceries. One arm can only carry so many bags!” And Toriel ran off.

Frisk looked around, studying the ancient writings on the wall. She thought she could read them, but really, it was Chara helping her out. Frisk could here what the Frogits were saying, and what their stats were. She was stunned she ‘knew’ all of this information. She had never read any of the books, she had only heard the stories from her grandparents and crazy drunk men.

“I feel like there are 4 Frogits in this room, yet I only see 3! How could this be?” Said one Frogit. Frisk looked at the wall to see a Frogit stuck in the wall.

Frisk went to a room she had missed. There was a sign written in English. It read,”Spider Bake-Sale!!! Most items are cheaper than in the Hot-Lands!! By spiders, for spiders, OF spiders!” Frisk was really hungry…She went in to see what they had. ‘a-few-donuts-and-cider’  said a voice near Frisk. She thought it was coming from her head, but really it was Chara. Frisk gave them *gold that she randomly had in her pocket and purchased a spider doughnut. She ate it quickly so she wouldn’t taste in spider, but it was actually pretty good. The colors had convinced her it was blueberry, but who really knows?

Frisk walked out of the room and saw a carrot with a face. *Her soul was taken out and put in the barrier again. ‘you-encountered-the-vegetoid’ said Chara.

“Eat your GREENS!” yelled the vegetoid as he through white vegetable in the box.

Whenever one hit her, she would scream in pain and her health bar was lowered. Then, he threw a *green vegetable. It hit her, though she tried to doge it. She was expecting more pain, but it actually gave her health back! He stopped throwing things at her, and options appeared in the barrier. She had the choice between 4; Fight, Act, Item, or Mercy. She directed er soul to that option and was given two more choices; Spare, or Run Away. She sparred him and was given 3 gold coins.

“So this is how it works…” Frisk said to herself.

This-is-how-your-life-is-going-to-be-like-for-a-long-time.” said the voice only Frisk could hear.

Chara wanted everyone to know that she was here, but she couldn’t bring herself to reveal her name to Frisk. Only Frisk could hear her. Only Frisk could tell others what she was saying. She couldn’t even make herself visible…





Frisk woke up on a bed of buttercup flowers. When she had landed, her determination kept her alive. This determination also woke the sleeping spirit of Chara, the human princess of the Underground. Chara looked around, seeing things that she hadn’t seen in a long while. Frisk woke up, and looked at her surroundings.

“I-I’m in the Underground!” She said. Waiting to here another voice coming from a monster that is ready to eat her.

She got up and started walking down the dark hallway. Chara was forced to follow her, although she didn’t know why. Frisk walked into the next room. There was light coming from nearly burnt out torches. In the center of the room, she saw a bright yellow flower.

“Howdy!” Said a chirpy voice.

Frisk looked around, looking for the person that could have made that sound. She kept walking forwards to the flower. She was about to pick it, but a face came onto the giant middle of the flower.

“Howdy!” said the flower as it giggled,”heh-you’re new here, aren’tchia? I Flowey! Flowey the Flower! I see you are mighty scared of being down here. You don’t want to be killed by any monster, don’tchia! No one else is here, so I guess I’ll be the one to teach cha.”

Frisk tried to refuse, but her soul was taken out of her body. She was still alive though, and she could control where it went. But there was a white barrier and she couldn’t go past that.

“This is your soul. The very accumulation of your living being. Down here, you want to gain lots of LV. What does LV stand for? Why, LOVE of course! Us monsters share our LOVE with friendliness pellets! I’ll send some right to you. Get as many as you can!”

Music started playing in the background, it was a few notes that repeated over and over. These white pellets started coming for her soul, and she let them. She cried in pain when they touched her.

Really? How did humans become SO GULLIBLE?! And did you REALLY think that people will HELP you?! WHO WOULD PASS THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY?!” The flower laughed a laugh no one could ever think of hearing. His faced changed into something of nightmares.

There’s a rule down here. Almost every one listens to it, so you will too. The simple rule is: It’s kill, or BE killed!” Flowey made an even more sickening laugh.

Chara was freaked out. She didn’t have any advise on what to do with this monster! She had never seen this thing! She whispered into her ear, “Good Luck” as a circle of pellets surrounded Frisk’s soul.

DIE!” Yelled Flowey.

The circles started spinning in-wards. She knew she wouldn’t survive this. Then, I fire ball flew across the room hitting Flowey! A goat lady walked up to Frisk, the monster that threw the fire ball.

“That nasty, cruel creature! Torturing such an innocent youth… I am Toriel. Caretaker of the ruins. Come, I shall help you.” Said the goat lady.

Frisk hesitated, she didn’t know if she should trust Toriel, or if she should run. She finally decided she would trust her. Chara was excited! This was the monster that had taken her in as well and raised her with the king. But Chara didn’t see Asgore or Asriel anywhere. Frisk grabbed Toriel’s sleeve and followed her.

“I will try to educate you in the puzzles of the ruins. Please watch carefully, you can’t get past this door without knowing the pattern of this puzzle.” Said Toriel.

Toriel walked on special stones and then pulled a lever. In the blink of an eye, the stone door opened and they walked down a hallway.



Okay, I know that a lot of people don’t know about Undertale, and that’s what I am here to teach you about! I will give you pretty much the whole layout of this game, but in a third person point of view in a semi-story.

|| By the way, this is an RPG (role playing game)|| ||Told in the passifist route||

There are stories going through Frisk’s village about old Mt. Ebot. The other children say that the monsters of the old stories are down in the bottom of the mountain. Frisk is the nicest of the children in her village, and also the bravest. Now, these other kids were all saying that they would all go up to the mountain all together and asked Frisk to come with them. They planned to go up most of the way and let Frisk go all the way up, for they were too scared of the tales.

The next day was Saturday, and the kids met up at the bottom of the mountain.

“LET’S GO!” yelled a girl in a green and yellow sweater. Most children wore a striped sweater or T’. Some had a veriety of colors, other just had one stripe with a different color.


They started up the mountain. I took them ’till late in the afternoon to reach the top. All the kids stopped, but Frisk kept going.  She came upon a giant gapeing hole in the middle of the top of the mountain.

“Guys! Look at this! I found a giant hole!” She yelled into the hole. She turned around seeing that no one was behind her. Her foot got tangled in a dead vine while turning around. When she tried running back to see where the other kids were, the force of the vine made her bounce backwards into the hole.

She kept falling and falling for what seemed like forever. She saw something yellow beneath er. Is there a monster there that’s waiting for me to land on them, or is this a tunnle that lasts forever? She thought to herself.