(ha, Brea, I beat you)

A Very Conveniently Shaped Lamp


  Frisk walked along the dark brown road, clearly visible against the blinding white snow. She could see a brown bridge in the distance. She was lucky to have decided to go now, when it wasn’t snowing. Bewildered by the world around her, she wasn’t looking where she was going. She tripped on a giant black stick. Frisk fell on her face. Chara laughed at her, the stick was so big it should have been obvious it was there. Frisk got up and continued to walk.

  “Voice, what is your name? I want to be able to call you something. Don’t hide, ’cause I know your there.” Frisk said. Chara didn’t know if she should let Frisk talk to her, or if she should stay hidden. “I know I’m not that smart to know everything about the monsters here. And I wouldn’t laugh at myself…” Frisk made a pouty expression.


 “So you do have a name! Well that is great. Now I can talk to you. Can you hear my thoughts?” Frisk asked. The town had a legend of a boy who had a ghost attached to him. The ghost could here everything that went on in his head, even the things the boy didn’t know he was thinking about.

 “No-I-can-not.” Responded Chara, “I-can-only-here-the-things-you-say-and-see-the-things-you-do.” Chara knew that this was going to be more exciting then it was before.


 Both Girls spun around. The giant stick from before had now been broken in half. There were foot prints leading to the trees from the branch. Who ever had done it, had run into he trees. ‘We’re being followed.’ Frisk thought to herself. She turned back to bridge she was heading for. It was only a few yards away. She could run it, but she would run out of energy by the time she got over the bridge. Frisk continued to walk, but a little quicker. She looked back every two feet, and there were always more foot steps.

 Frisk reached the bridge. She almost walked over it when a dark voice from behind her started talking.

 “I know what you are, human.

The voice was so dark and deep, it made Frisk freeze in place. Surly, this thing was going to kill her. Her soul would be weaken and it would tear it from her. Chara, on the other hand, turned around as soon as she heard the voice. Tears started to pore from her eyes. She was going to see it happen again. He killed all the others, and probably won’t give Frisk a chance.

 “Don’t you know how to great a new pal? Turn around and shake my hand.

 Frisk closed her eyes, and ran. She ran as far and as fast as she could. The bride suddenly became as long as a road, and was now at least a mile long. This wasn’t going to stop her. Frisk ran and ran.

 “Don’t-stop!-Other-monsters-can-become-friends,-but-he-will-not.-Run!” Chara yelled. She was going to help this one. Keep this one alive to kill Asgore.

 Frisk kept running, but she started getting very tired. She ran out of breath, and fell.

 “Well, that wasn’t very nice. Shake my hand or else…

 Frisk sat up and took the hand. Was this the end of her? It surely was, why else would Chara be so scared? Frisk held the hand tighter. ‘Why is he holding a balloon?’


 “HA HA! Wow! No human has ever been that scared of me! I mean, seriously, you look like you’ve seen a murder!” The thing fell over with laughter, “You know, I’m supposed to be on watch for humans. But, y’know, I don’t really care for capturing anybody.” Chara knew this was all a trick. There is no possible way for him to be nice around a human. He wasn’t happy with her around him, so why is he doing this now? So it will be easier for him to get her latter? “Now my brother, Papyrus…” Sans continued, “he’s a human hunting fanatic! Hey, actually, I think that’s him over there. I have an idea. Get off the bridge and go over there.”

 Frisk listened to him. The bridge had magically shrunken back down, so it was easier to get to the other side. She walked onto the snowy ground, and the thing followed.

 “Now quick, hide behind that conveniently shaped lamp!”

 Frisk went behind the lamp. It was shaped just like her, somehow.

 “Sup, bro?”

 “YOU KNOW WHAT’S ‘sup’ BROTHER.” Yelled who Frisk guessed was Papyrus. “It’s been eight days and YOU STILL HAVEN’T RE-CALIBRATED YOUR PUZZLES! You just hang around your station! What are you even doing?”

 “I’ve been staring at that lamp. It’s pretty cool. Do you wanna look?”

 “NO!! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! WHAT IF A HUMAN COMES THROUGH HERE!?! I want to be ready! I will be the one. I MUST be the one! I will capture a human! Then, I, the great Papyrus, will get all the things I utterly desire! Recognition, respect… I could join the royal guard! People will ask…to…be…my…’friend’…? I will bath in a shower of kisses every morning, and people will call me their hero!” Papyrus continued. It seemed Frisk could never come out of hiding! Now that Frisk thought about it, Papyrus and the other thing looked a lot like skeletons.

  ‘Skeleton brothers… that sounds cool. I should find out the other ones name…’ Frisk thought to herself

 “Huh. Sounds interesting. Maybe this lamp could help you.”

 “SANS. YOU ARE NOT HELPING!” Said Papyrus. Frisk finaly got a name for the other skeleton brother. Papyrus continued, “YOU LAZYBONES! All you do is sit and bondoogle! You get lazier and lazier every day!”

 “Hey take it easy.” said Sans, “I’ve gotten a ton of work done today. A skele-ton.” A random drum set did the badum ting people use when they make a joke. Frisk wanted to look around for where it could have come from, but she didn’t want to risk getting found.


 “Come on, you’re smiling.” Sans said in a teasing tone.

 “I am and I hate it. Sigh… Why does someone as great as me have to do so much to get some recognition?” Papyrus responded. Frisk thought it was really weird that Papyrus said ‘sigh’ instead of actually sighing. Maybe some people do that she thought.

 “Wow, it sounds like you’re really working yourself… Down to the bone!”

 “Ugh…I will attend to my puzzles. And as for you work, put a little more backbone into it! Nyeh heh heh heh!” And Papyrus ran off. Just a second after he did, he ran back. “HEH.” And then left for good.

 “Okay, you can come out now.” Sans called to Frisk

 Frisk crawled out of her hiding space.  She wasn’t sure if she should continue to trust him. She knew that she surely wouldn’t make it through if she didn’t have a friend at her side, but maybe someone else. Chara was scared. If Frisk continued to stay with him, she would surely die. Why wasn’t he killing her yet? Now that Chara thought about it, he never killed any of them near his brother.

 “Sans, where is the nearest…warmer place?”

 “Oh, well the closest one here would be Snowdin. That’s pretty close. Want me to-” Frisk interrupted him.

 “No! No. I’ll be fine. Thanks for…saving me from Papyrus. I will be going.”

 Sans just walked away after that. Frisk started walking the direction Sans had pointed. After a few minutes, she got to a fork in the road. There was a sign, but Frisk couldn’t read it.

 “Chara, what does that say?”


 Frisk looked inside and found a pair of gloves, and she put them on. She took another step forward, but was pulled into battle. It was like a fight she had with a froget, very unexpected. This monster wasn’t like any of the others she had seen. This one was like a chicken, but it had a mask the looked like a giant snowflake.

 “You-have-run-into-snowdrake.” Chara said.



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