Why Must He Go?: A girl is wandering through a ghost town. She finds an abandon mansion. She goes into the attack and finds a box. Inside the box is a glass slipper. She hears a sound and turns around. A man in Victorian clothing stands there. He asks ‘would you like to take this dance with me?’ and she says yes. They dance ’till the break of dawn. He says the he must go…to heaven. She realized that he is a ghost. He gives her the glass slipper she found in the box. She keeps this until her death in which she goes to heaven and forever is with her love.

–Inspired by Slip (By: Eiliz Shall Mar)

Kaitlin’s Return: A girl is sent on a mission through space with 3 guys and 2 girls with her. After their tenth anniversary of being in space, they see a planet full of water and green land. They land there and explore. The air is cleaner than Earth’s, the plants are cleaner, and it’s already inhabited by humans (Well, they are mostly like humans). They are greeted, and are very welcome there. Kaitlin is the only one that truly wants to go back. She had been writing everyday that she experiences on the new planet Tora. Eventually, she finds the materials to make a ship and go back because someone had destroyed it. No one there wants her to leave, so she has to leave secretly. Will she make it back to Earth to tell the story, or will she have to turn back?

— Inspired by ‘The Martian’ and ‘The Search for WondLa’ and my world of Tora

The Moon is Here: In a universe where all planets are Orbs, and each is ruled by a spirit, the moon is of small and no comparison. But even so, the moon spirit has never been more popular. Because, in the beginning of the universe’s creation, the tale of why the moon waxes and wans is told.

The Sign of the Dancing Horse: As a girl, Sandalian had a special horse. She loved the horse as much as anything else. One day, a giant storm came over her home. It took away her house and her family. The only way for her to survive the flood, was to leave her home and ride away on her horse named Angel. She road through woods and towns. She stopped once she couldn’t see the cloud any more. Her dress was torn, and her hair was tangled. She knew that there was nothing to go back to, so she stayed there. She learned how to hunt and to survive in the woods with her horse by her side. She was drawing in the dirt and came up with an amazing picture that would from thenn on be called ‘the sign of the dancing horse’ which in what the nearest town would call her for generations.



  1. swingingonastarblog says:

    Very, very cool. 😉 Of course I’m glad I was mentioned. Thanks a lot. It was fun working with you, the Artist of Anime. 🙂 You are one of the most dashing, creative people I have ever met. You exceed the limits of imagination.


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