~The Flames of Heart Break~

  The room became smoldering hot. The stone walls began to shine red with heat. Toriel’s brown-red eyes had now become a bright red. So bright that Frisk couldn’t look her in the eye. Frisk knew that there was nothing that she could do. Her soul was being pulled out. Frisk fought and pulled back.

  “Fight me!” Toriel yelled. Frisk was startled allowing her to be pulled into battle.

  Frisk stood in fear. She forgot everything she had learned on her way here, how to dodge, how to attack, how to grab an something, everything. Toriel hit her at least three times. Frisk was tempted to scream, but didn’t. Frisk knew that she had no choice. She picked up a toy knife laying on the ground. Lifting it up, she saw something. Her vision was split in two. In one eye, she saw a path of blood and dust. Many fights that would have her die over and over and over, but she would gain the power of restarting. In the other eye, she saw path of peace where Frisk would make many friend, and would survive to the end with only a stick in hand. Blood and dust, with a reward of forever living…or a path of peace where she would die eventually? Frisk went back to reality. It was her turn to do what she wanted. Her faite would be decided by this battle.

  She made her choice. She dropped the knife, and took a step forward.

  “Toriel, please, don’t do this to me. I just want to go home! Why can’t you just let me through? Why not come with me? I could help you get out with me!” Frisk screamed. The fire was roaring with Toriel’s feelings.

  “Child, I can not leave! I am forced to stay here in this hell of loneliness! I could leave, leave this place forever! But then I would be out there seeing everyone try to kill everyone. And what for? To become king? To be feared? Hell if I know!” Tears started rolling down Toriel soft face.

  Frisk was overwhelmed by the emotions Toriel was sending out. It started to make her cry too. Frisk ran to Toriel. The fire didn’t matter anymore. Frisk was burned on the hands. She gave Toriel a giant hug. Sometimes people just need a hug, and in this situation both needed that hug. Frisk held on to Toriel, no matter how much she was burned. Frisk started getting burns on her ankle and back.

  The fire started to cool. Toriel’s eyes started to return to normal. She wrapped her arms around Frisk. The fire was put out completely. Toriel’s tears didn’t stop, but now they where not only of sadness, but joy as well.

  Frisk was crying. She hugged Toriel tighter. Toriel’s dress felt so soft, it was like hugging a giant stuffed bear. Toriel stepped back and took another look at Frisk.

  “Frisk, I- I- I don’t want you to leave. But I do understand how you feel. I will let you through, but only on one condition. Call me. Call me everyday. Any time you have. Ask me for help, or just tell me how you are doing. I want to know that you are safe. If you don’t, I might just die. You are the last one. I will…I won’t let them kill you. If anyone brings you close to the end, call me. I will come.”

  Toriel opened the door. On the other side was snow and trees. It was a relief from the heat of the room they where in.

  “Good bye, Toriel. I promise, I will call you everyday.” And Frisk stepped out of the room. She turned around one more time to wave, but Toriel had already left.

  The door closed behind Frisk. She hadn’t seen he tiny room before the open door. Flowey popped up in a little grass patch in the middle of the room.

  “Oh, you probably feel so good after getting past her without killing her. But what will happen when you get to someone you can’t spare? What then? Will you just let them kill you over and over and over? hmm? Well, I will let you know I will watch your every move. And the moment you slip and hurt someone, I will tell the whole world!

  It laughed as it went back into the ground. It sent a chill up Frisk’s spine. Frisk then realized how much pain she was in. She ran to the snow, jumped, and landed on her back. The snow melted underneath her.

  “How can it snow underground?” Frisk said out loud to her self.

  She looked over at a bush. It seemed there was a camera badly hidden in the bush.

 “Could that flower have cameras all over this place?” Frisk said, “I should start walking. I need to get as far as I can before someone finds out I’m here.”





One thought on “UNDERTALE PART 6

  1. swingingonastarblog says:

    Wow! So much detail, and a ton of suspense. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting. I’ve never been such a big fan of Undertale, but you described things so well… I thought that I was there. Good work, the Artist of Anime! ;P


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