I will be writing just articles without my art in them for a while… just to let you know.

Donald Trump has talked about doing something about the Muslims. Well, I will say this again, I am a die hard catholic. I may be young, but that doesn’t mean I am not strong in my beliefs. From what I have heard about their ‘God’ is he says you need to kill in order to get to heaven. And if you die killing Catholics then in heaven (for men) you get 20 women or something like that. This gives me reason to not like a Muslim. When I meet anyone that is revealed to be Muslim, I immediately try to avoid them.

When it comes to other religions, depending on how far it from my beliefs, I have a different reaction. To paganism, I mostly react as ‘SCREW THEM. I can get different friends!’ as in the Greek gods. Satanism is even worse. To that, I feel they should get off the face of the earth. JUST LEAVE. Other religions like Christians and the Jewish, I can except them. They are okay people, and the religion is pretty close to mine.

Why do I talk about stuff like this? Because I feel it is important that people know that there are people like this. There are still die-hard Catholics out there.

– The Artist of Anime ^w^



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