The scanner broke, now the computer broke. So this is what I will be doing for a while.


 Frisk went into her bedroom. The clock on the wall said that it was 8, and she was plenty tired. Her room was a bright orange, with light yellow furniture. There were two stuffed toys on the bed, and drawings on the wall. She wondered who drew them. She took one off the wall, and on the back it said it was drawn by Marcy. I wonder who that is? I wonder if I will find them somewhere…

 Chara knew to well who it was drawn by. She had seen her. She had lasted as long as the waterfall. It was sad to see her go… She was the smartest of them all. So many . . . The ballerina, the chef, the author, the cowboy, the ribbon girl, and the athlete. . . all gone. Because of what she and her brother had started. Had she really done the right thing?

 Frisk found herself a nightgown and went to bed. She left her clothes folded on the floor, so she could where them again tomorrow. She slowly fell asleep, but Frisk couldn’t stop thinking about Toriel or that flower. How did she know she could trust Toriel, and how could she ever feel safe with that flower? She dreamed of her being with her parents, and playing outside with her friends. It had only been one day, but it fealt like it had been forever since she had last seen them.

She suddenly wakes up from the sound of the door closing behind someone. She looks at the floor where her clothes were. In there place lay a freshly baked slice of pie. Frisk picked it up and walked to the kitchen.

“Oh! Up already? I see you have got the pie,” Toriel said, “It is a cinnamon and butterscotch pie! You aren’t allergic to either of those, are you?” Toriel had to deal with Charles being allergic to cinnamon. It was such a scary experience.

Frisk replied to her, “Oh, no. I’m not. Thank you. Where are the forks?”

“Um, they are in the first drawer to the left.”

“Thank you.” And she placed the plate on the table in the living room, and ran into the kitchen.

Chara started thinking about the downstairs. The door to Snowdin was there. If Frisk stayed here, she would live a boring life with Toriel and the Froggits. If she left, she could meet a bunch of people, but be led to an uncertain faite. She could be killed by Asgore, or by any random by-stander.

 Frisk was going to her room, when she noticed the stairs. She hadn’t noticed them before because she was distracted. What could be down there? She wondered. She looked down the stair way. It lead to a long purple hall way it looked like. Frisk walked half way down the stairs, when Toriel yelled that it was time for dinner.

 “Toriel, where do those stairs go?” Frisk asked Toriel as they sat down at the table.

 “Oh, no where, my child.” She said. Toriel decided that she should talk about something else, before the child decided to leave. Maybe she could make her feel guilty about thinking of leaving. “I have already planned an education for you. You might not know that I have always wanted to become a teacher. Well, it might not be that surprising. But still.”

 “Oh. Can I tell you about my life on the surface? I think you might enjoy it.” Frisk said.

Chara remembered all the times her brother would ask what it was like on the surface. When she was still alive, there were no rules. You could kill or abuse anyone without someone stepping in and saying No. That was why she left. These days, it was different. People became more civilized and would get in trouble for just piking something up that wasn’t your’s.

 “Oh, yes! Please do!” Toriel answered, eager to find out what it was like up there.

 “In our village, the sun almost always shines. All of us children have to wear a stripped top or dress. The girls normally where dresses, but I had 6 older brothers so I got their cloths when they grew out of it.” Frisked started, “I had such a nice family. I went up the mountain on a dare. I thought that my friends would have gone all the way up. If they had, I would have never fallen down here. I tripped on a vine, and fell backwards…”

Frisk’s chest tightened and heated as she remembered the dreadful experience of falling down. Knowing that she would certainly die, and no one would know. She got a head ache and the room started to spin. She fell out of her chair, passed out on the floor.

It was no surprise. The girl would obviously be traumatized from such a thing. Chara remembered how long it took her to recover just from the fall. Toriel picked up Frisk and put her in her room. Toriel knew exactly how to treat a shock.

When Frisk woke up, she knew what she was going to do. She was going to ask Toriel how to go home. Talking about her family reminded her that she can’t stay here forever. She needed to go home as soon as possible. She went into the living room where Toriel was sitting in a chair reading a book next to the fire.

“Toriel, how do I get home?” Frisk asked her.

“Why child, this is your home!” Toriel responded. She was shocked that the child got right to it. Normally, they waited a month or until they fully recovered. Frisk still was in the process of recovering.

“But Toriel, I have to go to my home!”

“Child, I must do something.” Toriel got up and went down stairs.

Frisk still didn’t know what was down there, but now she knew that there was something important. She followed Toriel down the stairs. Toriel stopped in her tracks.

“Do you really want to go home?” She said. Then she continued to walk.

Frisk followed Toriel through the dark hall way. It was very long and very cold. They continued walking until they reached a giant stone door. It reminded Frisk of the other doors she had seen. They each had the same symbol above.

“Behind this door is the rest of the Underground. The people behind this door will kill you. All of the children have gone past this door. They leave, the fight, they die.” Toriel said in a monotone voice.

“Why does it happen? Why does everyone but you want to kill me?” Frisk said, raising her voice in panic.

“Because of him. He, Asgore, is killing them to break the border and battle the humans once again. They killed our children, and he want revenge. I help you because I don’t want someone else to go through the same thing. Death can not be undone.” She paused, “Do you really want to leave? Prove your self worthy and fight me.”

Torie set the exit on fire. She made balls of fire and started throwing them at Frisk.





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