Hey, do you ever wonder what your wonderland would look like? Well, ITS THE “occipital and dorsolateral profrontal regions of the brain”!!!! THAT’S WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE HO HA!!!

[lol, why]

Okay, I didn’t draw a brain. I drew IMAGINATION LAND!!!! [cue rainbows and cupcakes]


So…ya… I CAN’T DRAW GALAXIES ;^; I was gonna do photoshop, but then I was like, “SCREW IT. I CAN’T. WHY NO SIMPLE?!!” so………ya

To the right is me walking down a yellow brick road. Like my shirt? I think it’s like my ‘best picture”s sweater. The person to the left is a flower nymph that is some reason the height of me. I have decided that my land creatures will have red eyes and my everything-else creatures will have bright blue eyes.


Find Sir Kitty!


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