If you have looked at all of my posts, you will remember my first post; Fire and Water! Well guess what? HERE SHE IS AGAIN! Figure out which one is showing! I’ll tell you yes or no if you comment. My hand made a guest appearance. Ain’t my nail BEAUTIFUL (it ain’t ;-;)???!!!? If you can find Sir Kitty in this picture, then GOOD JOB. He is really hard to find, even on the paper version! I can barely see him.

You see that random green dot in the frozen lake? I did not put that there. IT’S THE DARN SCANNER .

So if you can’t tell, it’s the split personality girl using powers to boil the frozen lake. She is sitting on a rock on a mini island near a forest trail. It is a warm winter day as well.

fire_and_wateroriginal fire and water

Winter here sucks. It just snows and snows. Then it rains (somehow) and turns everything to mush. Then when it freezes everything becomes ice, and a sunny day comes and starts the cycle all over again. Winter is probably awesome everywhere else. California doesn’t even have a fall! WHAT THE HEY!?


– The Artist of Anime

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