HEY YOU ALL!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2017!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was little, I never thought there was ever going to be anything above 2010. WELL HERE WE ARE!!!!!!!

My great-grandma is now 91. She was born 1926. She lived through world war II, she suffered through the great depression, she got to see the best times of clothing, and she lived through the awful invention of the touch screen phone. When she was my age, she couldn’t believe that she could watch the theater in her own home (the tv became popular). I would have loved to be her. Think about it! being born in the 1920’s and to live to see how every thing has advanced? I would have loved to be in anytime before now… but then I wouldn’t know about manga and I don’t know what I would do with my life than.

Comment to this post and share a story about YOUR oldest relative!


One thought on “2017

  1. swingingonastarblog says:

    MY OLDEST RELATIVE?!?!?1?!?…. hm. Let’s see if I even have one. x) My grandpa would be 84 if he were still alive. He was born in 1933, and served in the National Guard in the Korean War. He raised my mom when he was thirty, and died when he was 71. I remember the day he died. It was very sad. He used to tell me stories about being in the war, and about how the world used to be. I think he went to Heaven. And I usually cry when I talk about him. :’) Miss you, Grandpa. I wish you could be here in 2017.

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