So, I am having a problem with a guy. A really annoying guy. Here is the background info:

So, I have an account on Scratch (an awesome website) and I am pretty well known. I just make different things like art and games. (OLD PICTURES has a link to some of my projects). There was this one person that invited me to a studio in the website (where you share projects) and asked me to make it more popular. I thought it was a simple request and excepted it, saying I would get it popular by October this year (and this was when I only had 45 followers). This was the first conversation:

(you don’t need to read it)

3 months ago Reply

If you didn’t read it, He basically asked me to date him and I said no. Then he just put me into a guilt trip and I just felt worse. I am writing this now because he decided to contact me again. I am going to chat with him in a chat room online. I will type that out latter. In a part 2. I hope he sees this and realizes the he is a pain in the butt!




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