So, as any kid with a website would, I want to share my presents! Well, only a few. I got two sets of pencils that are, like, the professional kind! I only got two playing toys, which kind of sucks for a kid. I’ve showed my relatives most of my work, so they think I’m ALL into drawing 24/7…which I kind of am, BUT KIND OF NOT!

So I used my just-about-broken scanner to take pictures of my pencils. I also have a new picture that I made using them.


this is my new sketch book (which makes three…)



Those are my pencils! I also got some charcoal. I tested that out in the picture I drew. Okay! now for the awesome picture!!!!


I was drawing my doll sitting on a table, but then I changed the background, inked it, then colored it in with my coloring pencils! It looks so amazing! I don’t know how that happened! It is a little squished in this version of the picture. The original is better proportioned…




Murry Christmas!!!!!

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