She walked through doorway at the end of the room. The next room was covered in autumn leafs. All of them were red. Frisk thought it was a beautiful sight. Chara thought of it as boring. She had been in this room SO many times, kicking the leafs with her brother, Asriel. Frisk walked through the room, looking around at all of the beautiful leafs. When she got to the middle of the room, she felt a chill go down her spine. She looked down and saw she was standing in a ghost.

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” said the ghost. It kept repeating that, in hopes that Frisk would go away.

“(are they gone yet?)” thought/said that ghost. It opened it’s eyes. He saw Frisk and Chara (which only makes sense because Chara is a ghost as well).

Frisk knew that this ghost was not going to move. She tried to ask it to move, but it kept saying, “Zzz” louder and louder. She knew that it was no hope to just ask. She decided to move it with force. Right as she had made that decision, She heard a blink sound, and hear soul was taken out again for battle. She was going to fight a ghost.

play this song to get the real feeling of the fight! Put it on loop!

Chara was frightened. “why would she do that? Did I judge her wrong? She made herself fight Blooky!” But Chara still had to give her the information she did every other time.


Frisk knew that she could get out of this without hurting the poor thing. She decided to tell the ghost a joke.

“Heh…that was good……..” The ghost said in reply. Frisk could see that the ghost was obviously sad. She gave him a patient smile.

Nabstablook started crying into the box her soul was in. The tiers where white, so she knew she should avoid them. It was quiet easy. She heard a catchy jazz-like song start in the background.

“knock knock!” She said

“Who’s….there….?” replied Nabstablook


“Boo who?”

“Don’t cry! It was only a joke!”

But the ghost started crying. Frisk couldn’t tell if it was of laughter, or if she had accidentally made fun of him. She dodged most of them, but got hit a few times. Her health was lowered to 10/20. She cried in pain. The ghost saw and felt so bad. He thought a trick might cheer her up.

“Let me try something.” He said. He made his tears fly up to his head. It built up until it took for of a top hat.

“What the heck?” Said Frisk. She started laughing. She didn’t know that was possible!

“Thank you……..for laughing…..” said Nabstablook. His voice was trailing off. “I’m sorry I hurt you………I’ll leave now…….” he quickly added,”I came here to be left alone…..you showed me that not everyone is mean……..and scared of me……”

He left. Frisk found 30 pieces of gold on the ground where the ghost had been. Lucky her!

you can turn off the music now.

She went to the next room, and saw a bunch of buttons and pillars. A sign on the wall read, “This room is a map of the others. Find a sign on the wall, and it will tell you which button to press. In this room, press the red button.”

She walked over to the red button. She herd a loud ‘KA-CHUNK’ sound. She turned around and saw a door open. She walked through and had to complete the same puzzle again, thought it wasn’t much of a puzzle.

Chara knew this puzzle had just told where to go. The first sign was a joke. There wasn’t a sign in the other rooms.

press-the-blue-button”  She said. The last door opened, and they left the puzzle rooms. she was led to a larger room than the other ones she had seen. There was ivy growing on the ground and walls. There was more red leaves laid out on the ground in the center of the room. She walked towards it and turned left. She walked through a stone arch, and saw a giant black tree. She figured that was where all of the leaves had been coming from. Behind the tree was a little yellow cottage, built into the rock walls.

Toriel ran out, “Oh! I hope I haven’t left them waiting to long- Oh!”

“Hello!” Frisk said.

“My child! I was not expecting you to come! I thought I told you to stay put! Oh well!”

“Well, I am here now.” Frisk said. Showing that she was unharmed. Even though she was obviously hurt.

“Come inside, Child. This is your new home.”

Frisk was taken by the hand and walked into the cottage. A beautiful lullaby was playing over and over in the house. It made the home feel like it was full of love and warmth.

Play this song to get the real feeling of the house!

Toriel went into the kitchen to get some bandages. Frisk went exploring. She went into the living room and sat in a big giant chair. Toriel came out of the kitchen, and wrapped up all of Frisk’s cuts.

“I think I will like it here!” Said Frisk

“I think you will.” And Toriel chuckled.

Frisk started to think that it was true what the voice in her head had said. She was going to be here a long time



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