Okay, so if you haven’t found out yet. . . I am a Catholic. Like, the Traditional Roman Catholic. Don’t find a lot of those around these days. . . which is a very sad thing. The last Traditional Roman Catholic Church that was still doing thing according to how God wanted it…was burnt down by…most likely the pagans (well, that’s what I think)

I believe in the Holy Trinity (three people in one God), that Jesus is the son of God and that he had died for our sins, all of my morals go with the rules of the Ten Commandments, I believe that anyone that does not believe in God is not a good person. I know that there is only one God. I know that everything in the bible is true. I know that God created the world. I know that abortion is murder. I stand for the Catholic church. I know that Satan is there to try and lead us away from the right path. I know that we all have a guardian angle, whether we like it or not (which I do). I know that it is easy to give over, but it is more rewarding to not. I know there is a heaven and hell, and that we will all be judged at death. And so on (though I think that pretty much covers it).

I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable talking about this. . .

I used to have a lot of friends. I found out that they were all gay, and one of them…I think was pagan…and another would wear a shirt with a wegi (I will not spell it correctly on my website)  board almost all the time. I know God would not like it if I was around them anymore after I found that out. I shouldn’t have been with them in the first place. I knew from the first moment I ate with them at lunch that they were bad people, but my friend, Jacob, had talked me into it. And that was last year when it happened (him talking me into it). I have just realized that I am not good at making the right friends.

My best friend Brea… (which I hope is not reading this. If you are, Brea, please stop now. I don’t want to hurt your feelings. Just skip this paragraph )…is not a great person to be hanging around with, either. In just the first month of her cussing, I had counted up to fifty! And you know what that did to me, I cussed in class. Because I didn’t want to read a stupid book. You know how I right ‘damn’? I don’t even say that or ‘crap’. And yet because of her influence (don’t read out load at this point) I have said f*ck and sh*t  this year. Before middle school, I didn’t know any words worse than ‘Oh my God!’. I don’t even say THAT! I feel like that only sane person in that school. Even the teachers aren’t that good. The only teachers I knew that were good, were my 6th grade teachers, and Mrs. Jagger [Jay-ger]…

If you don’t like the fact that I am a Catholic, then hate me all you want. None of your comments could hurt me. I can delete them! And for those who like the fact that I stick to my faith, even if it causes me problems…I like you for not hating me.

I looked at some news… and I found two websites that show just how much danger my religion is in and how brave we are to stand up against it.


noun: homophobia
  1. dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.
Use over time for: homophobia
accurate charting
I am also Homophobic. I hate all that is trans, lesbian, gay, or even bi. I hate them all. Hate me all you want, but they are all idiots. Thinking it is perfectly fine that a guy can kiss a guy. The kids at school call me homophobic, and they DO NOT like it that I am that way. And you know what? That only makes me happy and want to hate them even more. And you know the first person to say that I am homophobic? The girl with the wegi board. She is popular, so the word spread.
Oh, another thing that I have had to deal with, is being around Theresa. She stands up for the people I hate. I got into a fight with her. She was standing up for them after I had said I disagree with everything Kaitlin (the pagan kid) believes in. Then, we got to the point where she said that she said, “I have read the bible, and I have never seen anything in there about God being against us being Gay. He made some of us that way!” And that is just one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. The bible is full of things that say that my religion is against that. And, don’t forget about Sodom and Gamora! Two cities completely destroyed because they were full of gay people. I got SO mad at Theresa, I started to twitch and turn red. Oh ya…I twitch when really angry.


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