Heck ya! I’ve gotten to part 4!!!!! whoop whoop *does raise the roof* Remember-any pictures in here are just being used while I make new ones and figure out how to get THE DAMN SCANNER WORKING.


The Feeling of Determination

Frisk started to get quicker with dodging the white things that everyone was throwing at her. She made many good friends. Chara was having a good time watching her. Frisk got to a bridge that was impossible to cross. Giant spikes with blades on every side poked out from under the river. She thought that she was stuck there forever, when she remembered what Toriel had inferred. Everything here was opened with a puzzle. She saw three rocks and three pressure plates. The rocks were more like boulders, but she was able to push them onto the pressure plates. The last one though, it wouldn’t budge. Then all of the sudden…

“What do you think your doing?!” Yelled the rock

Frisk was startled and couldn’t say anything.

“What do you think your doing?” It repeated, “I will not stand to be pushed around like all those other rocks. I prefer to be asked!”

“Well then,” Frisk said, “could you please move? I need to get over there, across that bridge. Someone is waiting for me.”

“Okay, sure.” And the rock moved a foot, but it was not enough.

“Could you please-“

“Move a little farther?” the rock interrupted, “Sure.” And the rock moved off the path to the plate.

“No, could you please go over onto the pressure plate?” Frisk asked

“just-moved-onto-the-pedestal-already” Yelled Chara. Though she knew she wouldn’t be heard.

“You are giving me quiet the workout, kid.” and the rock moved onto the pedestal.

Frisk walked over to the bridge and was just about to step on it, when the rock moved of the pressure plate. She looked over and gave it an angry stare.

“You wanted me to stay there? Sheesh! Just be specific the first time, then!” He moved back onto the pressure plate, and let Frisk pass.

Frisk went into the next room and looked around for Toriel, but instead found a table. She heard a mouse squeak. She went over to the table, to pick the cheese up and give it to the mouse. The cheese was stuck to the table.

you-know-that-you-can’t-get-the-cheese-off.” said Chara. But Frisk was still determined. She tried to pick up the cheese again and again, but couldn’t.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sparkly star. She walked over to it, mystified. She touched it, and heard a voice. A different voice from Chara. The voice of determination.

Knowing that one day the mouse may get the cheese, you are filled with DETERMINATION. Do you want to save your progress? If you die, you will pop right back to where you were the last time you saw one of me.

“Yes,” Frisk said, “I want to save now”



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