Oh wow, it’s been a long time since I have put a comic on the website! That last comic was from the beginning of this website! WOW


Can’t read it, here is the script!

box 1 – School was always a bore.

box 2 – and the people I knew, were only acquaintances. (I know, I wrote it wrong)

box 3 – I was…different. {Younger Cora} You may kiss! [arrow] Dolls

box 4 – I have telekinesis. {Cora} |-27| over π – (-2)

box 5 – {Me} that looks pretty good

box 6 – {bubble1} HUMILITY {Me} considering I am such a bad drawer. {bubble2} WOW.

Oh wow. My hand got in there. IT’S THE DARN SCANNER’S FAULT!!!!! WHY SCANNER?! I forgot to crop this before I fully downloaded it into the computer…shoot….oh well! So, I am going to be drawing a bunch of comics in this…book…of mine. It has nothing in it, and it has no title, so I am making it a collection of comics!! You can see on the other page, that I am still inking it so it is more visible when I post it on here.

here is my book




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