____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________A TUTORIEL_______________________________

“We will start your training on this dummy.” Said Toriel.

Frisk didn’t think that this thing would ask her to fight! But then again, she would have to defend herself, wouldn’t she? So she went up to the dummy and punched it with all her might to show that she was ready.

“Oh my goodness! No, child! I was not going to teach you strategic skills! Child, Just because people are out to get you, doesn’t mean you can’t change their mind. Apologize to the dummy and say it was nice to meet him.”

“Sorry, Mister Dummy,” said Frisk, “I didn’t know I shouldn’t punch you! I thought I should because that is what is normally done when there is a dummy. It was very nice to meet you. Goodbye.” And reluctantly  gave him a hug. Toriel seemed to be pleased by it.

“Okay, Child, you might encounter your first enemy quiet soon so think up conversation starters.” said Toriel. Frisk was confused, she actually had people out to kill her down here?

“Toriel,” Frisk said in her child like voice, “My name is actually Frisk, so could you please call me that?” She said to Toriel. But Toriel was busy glaring down any one that might come near Frisk.

Chara was amazed on how much the Ruins had changed. How long have I been gone? She thought to herself. She had never met any of these Frogits or Whimsomes. They must be part of another generation! She noticed that Toriel was more jumpy than usual. Something must have happened to have made her wake up now, but not before. What was it? She realized what it was; DETERMINATION

“Oh! Forgive me Child, but I just remembered. I must clean the house and get some groceries. It has been so long sense my last visit! Oh, and if you decide to go adventuring, please call me on this phone.” Toriel handed Frisk the phone saying, “My number is already in there. I might not pick up once I have my groceries. One arm can only carry so many bags!” And Toriel ran off.

Frisk looked around, studying the ancient writings on the wall. She thought she could read them, but really, it was Chara helping her out. Frisk could here what the Frogits were saying, and what their stats were. She was stunned she ‘knew’ all of this information. She had never read any of the books, she had only heard the stories from her grandparents and crazy drunk men.

“I feel like there are 4 Frogits in this room, yet I only see 3! How could this be?” Said one Frogit. Frisk looked at the wall to see a Frogit stuck in the wall.

Frisk went to a room she had missed. There was a sign written in English. It read,”Spider Bake-Sale!!! Most items are cheaper than in the Hot-Lands!! By spiders, for spiders, OF spiders!” Frisk was really hungry…She went in to see what they had. ‘a-few-donuts-and-cider’  said a voice near Frisk. She thought it was coming from her head, but really it was Chara. Frisk gave them *gold that she randomly had in her pocket and purchased a spider doughnut. She ate it quickly so she wouldn’t taste in spider, but it was actually pretty good. The colors had convinced her it was blueberry, but who really knows?

Frisk walked out of the room and saw a carrot with a face. *Her soul was taken out and put in the barrier again. ‘you-encountered-the-vegetoid’ said Chara.

“Eat your GREENS!” yelled the vegetoid as he through white vegetable in the box.

Whenever one hit her, she would scream in pain and her health bar was lowered. Then, he threw a *green vegetable. It hit her, though she tried to doge it. She was expecting more pain, but it actually gave her health back! He stopped throwing things at her, and options appeared in the barrier. She had the choice between 4; Fight, Act, Item, or Mercy. She directed er soul to that option and was given two more choices; Spare, or Run Away. She sparred him and was given 3 gold coins.

“So this is how it works…” Frisk said to herself.

This-is-how-your-life-is-going-to-be-like-for-a-long-time.” said the voice only Frisk could hear.

Chara wanted everyone to know that she was here, but she couldn’t bring herself to reveal her name to Frisk. Only Frisk could hear her. Only Frisk could tell others what she was saying. She couldn’t even make herself visible…




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