The artwork is taking longer ;-;

I’m sorry to say this, but I haven’t been drawing as often! I am doing my once a day drawings and I have been forgetting to add that onto the website…screw me. I will try to add plans for other OC’s and I might just make one or two ‘How To Draw’-s.

School is one of the main reasons I haven’t been doing as much stuff. It takes me three periods to just draw in one character. Whenever I bring my doodles to lunch, I always have some one taking it from me too look at in ah (;-;), or I have a teacher looking over my shoulder (which can be very nerve raking when the ART teacher looks over your shoulder at your work, I mean, who wouldn’t? HE IS A PRO!)

My drawing, I noticed, are getting more proportional (which is a bad thing because the eyes are supposed to be HUGE). Whenever I get the chance to doodle, it isn’t on good paper. It usually is loose leaf paper or my school agenda. I actually made a new OC, but it doesn’t look good with giant, black, thick lines going through it…. Here it is…wait…it’s not working. THAT DARN SCANNER! IT ALWAYS MAKE MY WORK LOOK WORSE AND NOW IT WON’T EVEN WORK AT ALL.

Well, for your information, I have made three new Original Characters. I will try to get them up asap…BUT THE DARN SCANNER-

-The Artist Of Anime 


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