Frisk woke up on a bed of buttercup flowers. When she had landed, her determination kept her alive. This determination also woke the sleeping spirit of Chara, the human princess of the Underground. Chara looked around, seeing things that she hadn’t seen in a long while. Frisk woke up, and looked at her surroundings.

“I-I’m in the Underground!” She said. Waiting to here another voice coming from a monster that is ready to eat her.

She got up and started walking down the dark hallway. Chara was forced to follow her, although she didn’t know why. Frisk walked into the next room. There was light coming from nearly burnt out torches. In the center of the room, she saw a bright yellow flower.

“Howdy!” Said a chirpy voice.

Frisk looked around, looking for the person that could have made that sound. She kept walking forwards to the flower. She was about to pick it, but a face came onto the giant middle of the flower.

“Howdy!” said the flower as it giggled,”heh-you’re new here, aren’tchia? I Flowey! Flowey the Flower! I see you are mighty scared of being down here. You don’t want to be killed by any monster, don’tchia! No one else is here, so I guess I’ll be the one to teach cha.”

Frisk tried to refuse, but her soul was taken out of her body. She was still alive though, and she could control where it went. But there was a white barrier and she couldn’t go past that.

“This is your soul. The very accumulation of your living being. Down here, you want to gain lots of LV. What does LV stand for? Why, LOVE of course! Us monsters share our LOVE with friendliness pellets! I’ll send some right to you. Get as many as you can!”

Music started playing in the background, it was a few notes that repeated over and over. These white pellets started coming for her soul, and she let them. She cried in pain when they touched her.

Really? How did humans become SO GULLIBLE?! And did you REALLY think that people will HELP you?! WHO WOULD PASS THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY?!” The flower laughed a laugh no one could ever think of hearing. His faced changed into something of nightmares.

There’s a rule down here. Almost every one listens to it, so you will too. The simple rule is: It’s kill, or BE killed!” Flowey made an even more sickening laugh.

Chara was freaked out. She didn’t have any advise on what to do with this monster! She had never seen this thing! She whispered into her ear, “Good Luck” as a circle of pellets surrounded Frisk’s soul.

DIE!” Yelled Flowey.

The circles started spinning in-wards. She knew she wouldn’t survive this. Then, I fire ball flew across the room hitting Flowey! A goat lady walked up to Frisk, the monster that threw the fire ball.

“That nasty, cruel creature! Torturing such an innocent youth… I am Toriel. Caretaker of the ruins. Come, I shall help you.” Said the goat lady.

Frisk hesitated, she didn’t know if she should trust Toriel, or if she should run. She finally decided she would trust her. Chara was excited! This was the monster that had taken her in as well and raised her with the king. But Chara didn’t see Asgore or Asriel anywhere. Frisk grabbed Toriel’s sleeve and followed her.

“I will try to educate you in the puzzles of the ruins. Please watch carefully, you can’t get past this door without knowing the pattern of this puzzle.” Said Toriel.

Toriel walked on special stones and then pulled a lever. In the blink of an eye, the stone door opened and they walked down a hallway.



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