Happy New Years!!

Hey you all! I bet you are having a great time waiting for the clock to strike midnight tonight! I sure am!

My new years tradition is to have one doll sit next to you on the couch, eat pizza roles, and watch the ball drop! Not that we live in NY. I live in Illinois!

It is SO nice here! I’m surprised. Chill 9, right now it’s around  -1! It feels like it’s in the 30’s! I was just outside without a jacket on! I haven’t been able to do that since… Heck, I can’t even remember!

I have been practicing staying up late for a while. The past year, I was so tired and grumpy that I just went right to bed. This year, I will FORCE myself to atay up as late as possible!!!!!!

Do you like that gif? It was from today’s Google Doodle! I think it is ADORABLE!!! They should make more like that.


Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 🙂 😉 😀 ;P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I found some old pictures stuffed away in a file I found on my computer! It was my first ettempts at drawing anime without any knowing how, or watching and anime in the longest time. They really suck. Like, “What the hey is that thing????” bad. Again, first attempts. Looking at these let me see how drawing in the same style for a long time has really helped me.

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I know, the chest is WA-A-A-AY to big. The eyes aren’t detailed enough, to much definition in the nose and lips, hair does not cover enough forhead and back, and the arms are also to small.

I have REALLY inproved! Princess peach is probably the best one in here.


Once upon a time, there was a creature named Merp. Merp liked to go outside to play with its neighbor Werp. Werp and Merp were the best of friends, and they always liked to go to the park in their spare time. But one day, when Merp and Werp were playing catch with Merp’s favorite ball it bounced into the […]

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I suggest that anyone that comes upon this post should read this story! This is hillarious!!


So, I am having a problem with a guy. A really annoying guy. Here is the background info:

So, I have an account on Scratch (an awesome website) and I am pretty well known. I just make different things like art and games. (OLD PICTURES has a link to some of my projects). There was this one person that invited me to a studio in the website (where you share projects) and asked me to make it more popular. I thought it was a simple request and excepted it, saying I would get it popular by October this year (and this was when I only had 45 followers). This was the first conversation:

(you don’t need to read it)
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So, another one of my Christmas Presents was a ‘How To Draw Manga’ book! It is really cool, and it gives you some information on how to draw like this! There was a section for chibi drawing, and it gave some pointers at what makes them adorable.

When I was little, I used to draw super big eyes on my characters. They had no hands or feet, and looked like something a little kid tried to cut out. I read the description of the chibi, and it said that the bigger the head is, the cuter it will look. Now, you can see that I made it a little more proportional. The ones in the book looked a bit different. This picture was not coppied from the book, it is a one-of-a-kind.


What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!!! 😀


So, as any kid with a website would, I want to share my presents! Well, only a few. I got two sets of pencils that are, like, the professional kind! I only got two playing toys, which kind of sucks for a kid. I’ve showed my relatives most of my work, so they think I’m ALL into drawing 24/7…which I kind of am, BUT KIND OF NOT!

So I used my just-about-broken scanner to take pictures of my pencils. I also have a new picture that I made using them.


this is my new sketch book (which makes three…)



Those are my pencils! I also got some charcoal. I tested that out in the picture I drew. Okay! now for the awesome picture!!!!


I was drawing my doll sitting on a table, but then I changed the background, inked it, then colored it in with my coloring pencils! It looks so amazing! I don’t know how that happened! It is a little squished in this version of the picture. The original is better proportioned…




Murry Christmas!!!!!





     She walked through doorway at the end of the room. The next room was covered in autumn leafs. All of them were red. Frisk thought it was a beautiful sight. Chara thought of it as boring. She had been in this room SO many times, kicking the leafs with her brother, Asriel. Frisk walked through the room, looking around at all of the beautiful leafs. When she got to the middle of the room, she felt a chill go down her spine. She looked down and saw she was standing in a ghost.

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” said the ghost. It kept repeating that, in hopes that Frisk would go away.

“(are they gone yet?)” thought/said that ghost. It opened it’s eyes. He saw Frisk and Chara (which only makes sense because Chara is a ghost as well).

Frisk knew that this ghost was not going to move. She tried to ask it to move, but it kept saying, “Zzz” louder and louder. She knew that it was no hope to just ask. She decided to move it with force. Right as she had made that decision, She heard a blink sound, and hear soul was taken out again for battle. She was going to fight a ghost.

play this song to get the real feeling of the fight! Put it on loop!

Chara was frightened. “why would she do that? Did I judge her wrong? She made herself fight Blooky!” But Chara still had to give her the information she did every other time.


Frisk knew that she could get out of this without hurting the poor thing. She decided to tell the ghost a joke.

“Heh…that was good……..” The ghost said in reply. Frisk could see that the ghost was obviously sad. She gave him a patient smile.

Nabstablook started crying into the box her soul was in. The tiers where white, so she knew she should avoid them. It was quiet easy. She heard a catchy jazz-like song start in the background.

“knock knock!” She said

“Who’s….there….?” replied Nabstablook


“Boo who?”

“Don’t cry! It was only a joke!”

But the ghost started crying. Frisk couldn’t tell if it was of laughter, or if she had accidentally made fun of him. She dodged most of them, but got hit a few times. Her health was lowered to 10/20. She cried in pain. The ghost saw and felt so bad. He thought a trick might cheer her up.

“Let me try something.” He said. He made his tears fly up to his head. It built up until it took for of a top hat.

“What the heck?” Said Frisk. She started laughing. She didn’t know that was possible!

“Thank you……..for laughing…..” said Nabstablook. His voice was trailing off. “I’m sorry I hurt you………I’ll leave now…….” he quickly added,”I came here to be left alone…..you showed me that not everyone is mean……..and scared of me……”

He left. Frisk found 30 pieces of gold on the ground where the ghost had been. Lucky her!

you can turn off the music now.

She went to the next room, and saw a bunch of buttons and pillars. A sign on the wall read, “This room is a map of the others. Find a sign on the wall, and it will tell you which button to press. In this room, press the red button.”

She walked over to the red button. She herd a loud ‘KA-CHUNK’ sound. She turned around and saw a door open. She walked through and had to complete the same puzzle again, thought it wasn’t much of a puzzle.

Chara knew this puzzle had just told where to go. The first sign was a joke. There wasn’t a sign in the other rooms.

press-the-blue-button”  She said. The last door opened, and they left the puzzle rooms. she was led to a larger room than the other ones she had seen. There was ivy growing on the ground and walls. There was more red leaves laid out on the ground in the center of the room. She walked towards it and turned left. She walked through a stone arch, and saw a giant black tree. She figured that was where all of the leaves had been coming from. Behind the tree was a little yellow cottage, built into the rock walls.

Toriel ran out, “Oh! I hope I haven’t left them waiting to long- Oh!”

“Hello!” Frisk said.

“My child! I was not expecting you to come! I thought I told you to stay put! Oh well!”

“Well, I am here now.” Frisk said. Showing that she was unharmed. Even though she was obviously hurt.

“Come inside, Child. This is your new home.”

Frisk was taken by the hand and walked into the cottage. A beautiful lullaby was playing over and over in the house. It made the home feel like it was full of love and warmth.

Play this song to get the real feeling of the house!

Toriel went into the kitchen to get some bandages. Frisk went exploring. She went into the living room and sat in a big giant chair. Toriel came out of the kitchen, and wrapped up all of Frisk’s cuts.

“I think I will like it here!” Said Frisk

“I think you will.” And Toriel chuckled.

Frisk started to think that it was true what the voice in her head had said. She was going to be here a long time



Heck ya! I’ve gotten to part 4!!!!! whoop whoop *does raise the roof* Remember-any pictures in here are just being used while I make new ones and figure out how to get THE DAMN SCANNER WORKING.


The Feeling of Determination

Frisk started to get quicker with dodging the white things that everyone was throwing at her. She made many good friends. Chara was having a good time watching her. Frisk got to a bridge that was impossible to cross. Giant spikes with blades on every side poked out from under the river. She thought that she was stuck there forever, when she remembered what Toriel had inferred. Everything here was opened with a puzzle. She saw three rocks and three pressure plates. The rocks were more like boulders, but she was able to push them onto the pressure plates. The last one though, it wouldn’t budge. Then all of the sudden…

“What do you think your doing?!” Yelled the rock

Frisk was startled and couldn’t say anything.

“What do you think your doing?” It repeated, “I will not stand to be pushed around like all those other rocks. I prefer to be asked!”

“Well then,” Frisk said, “could you please move? I need to get over there, across that bridge. Someone is waiting for me.”

“Okay, sure.” And the rock moved a foot, but it was not enough.

“Could you please-“

“Move a little farther?” the rock interrupted, “Sure.” And the rock moved off the path to the plate.

“No, could you please go over onto the pressure plate?” Frisk asked

“just-moved-onto-the-pedestal-already” Yelled Chara. Though she knew she wouldn’t be heard.

“You are giving me quiet the workout, kid.” and the rock moved onto the pedestal.

Frisk walked over to the bridge and was just about to step on it, when the rock moved of the pressure plate. She looked over and gave it an angry stare.

“You wanted me to stay there? Sheesh! Just be specific the first time, then!” He moved back onto the pressure plate, and let Frisk pass.

Frisk went into the next room and looked around for Toriel, but instead found a table. She heard a mouse squeak. She went over to the table, to pick the cheese up and give it to the mouse. The cheese was stuck to the table.

you-know-that-you-can’t-get-the-cheese-off.” said Chara. But Frisk was still determined. She tried to pick up the cheese again and again, but couldn’t.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sparkly star. She walked over to it, mystified. She touched it, and heard a voice. A different voice from Chara. The voice of determination.

Knowing that one day the mouse may get the cheese, you are filled with DETERMINATION. Do you want to save your progress? If you die, you will pop right back to where you were the last time you saw one of me.

“Yes,” Frisk said, “I want to save now”



Hey. You. Read this comic. (Please)

So, this is just some information about the character

box 1 – I think I’m going to do more comics! This is working out pretty well!

box 2 – Every one of my characters live on the planet Tora

box 3 – Country Frisk is full of monsters

box 4 – The islands are a bunch of different stories. That larger the story, the larger the island

box 5 – They Changed The World is on Earth

box 6 – We’ve got Super heroes, the matrix, and mythical warriors

box 7 – Fun for the whole family!

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