Okay, I know that a lot of people don’t know about Undertale, and that’s what I am here to teach you about! I will give you pretty much the whole layout of this game, but in a third person point of view in a semi-story.

|| By the way, this is an RPG (role playing game)|| ||Told in the passifist route||

There are stories going through Frisk’s village about old Mt. Ebot. The other children say that the monsters of the old stories are down in the bottom of the mountain. Frisk is the nicest of the children in her village, and also the bravest. Now, these other kids were all saying that they would all go up to the mountain all together and asked Frisk to come with them. They planned to go up most of the way and let Frisk go all the way up, for they were too scared of the tales.

The next day was Saturday, and the kids met up at the bottom of the mountain.

“LET’S GO!” yelled a girl in a green and yellow sweater. Most children wore a striped sweater or T’. Some had a veriety of colors, other just had one stripe with a different color.


They started up the mountain. I took them ’till late in the afternoon to reach the top. All the kids stopped, but Frisk kept going.  She came upon a giant gapeing hole in the middle of the top of the mountain.

“Guys! Look at this! I found a giant hole!” She yelled into the hole. She turned around seeing that no one was behind her. Her foot got tangled in a dead vine while turning around. When she tried running back to see where the other kids were, the force of the vine made her bounce backwards into the hole.

She kept falling and falling for what seemed like forever. She saw something yellow beneath er. Is there a monster there that’s waiting for me to land on them, or is this a tunnle that lasts forever? She thought to herself.




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