Drawing a Day

I did this once when I was younger, but it wasn’t a drawing a day, I just drew a bunch of pictures in a few days on one paper to see how I was improving. It did help a lot! Now I am doing it again. I started at the beginning of November, and I am going to stop stop the end of 2017. This is how I am doing so far:



I am doing this in a planner so I know where I am at. Days I have something going on, I don’t do a drawing because I have to fill that square with what’s going on. (Yes, I do take drama)

List of the characters (top page, going from left to right)

Sir Kitty, Me, Wenndy Cat, Karin, Rianai, Lea (BTW: I had a different character in mind, but then my ever so annoying friends decided she would color it in. It was going to be the Mystery Hero), The Queen of Diamonds, Isuck (It was an attempt at drawing guys, and I failed), Ni Ni, Qui Qui, Ti Ti, Ci Ci, Raccoon Girl, Ailise, Cora Wensley, Olive (not finished)

List of Characters (bottom page, left to right)

Emma, Bacon Cat (Wenndy’s sister),Fintly, Joanne/Violet, Psi Ball Maniac, and Speeder!

I am waiting for Monday to continue coloring. My ever so annoying friend messed up 8 squares by scribbling in colored pencil! WE’RE IN 7th GRADE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! STOP BEING SUCH A LITTLE KID!

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