Fire and Water


This is a split personality drawing. I like doing these because I can draw one character, and then draw a completely different version/side of them. When someone does this, you can learn the capability of this character. When I do it, it’s normally of characters  someone else made. This time, I drew a character that came out of my mind to my hand. The only way you can tell these are the same character is the hair and the eyes. The hair is a fiery gold, with some highlights. On the top one, it represents the pureness of this character. The One on the bottom, it represents the fierceness and fiery spirit she has. The eyes are the window to the soul, but she likes to keep it secret. Her past was hard, and that’s what caused her to split in the first place. Her eyes were originally blue, but because of her much want to hide her past, her eyes became darker and more purple. There is less purple on the blue side, which shows she is more open then her fiery part.

You might notice that they have wings. The blue side with water wings that drip water that can heal. But the red side has wings of fire that can burn through the thickest of metal and harm anything but herself when coming near. I don’t have a story for what caused her to split, but when someone has split themselves to be two different people, that means they have been through something terrible.

When someone has a split personality, they push all the problems and memories to the other side. They keep that other side hidden from other. When they are asleep, that’s when the other side comes out (which causes sleep walking) to do what it wants. Sometimes, a person will be overtired, which gives the other side a chance to slip out while the other gets some rest.

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One thought on “Fire and Water

  1. _anonymous_ says:

    You do have a thing for this style, but I think you should practice it more. I think it’s the eyes that you need to work on most.


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