Okay, I know that a lot of people don’t know about Undertale, and that’s what I am here to teach you about! I will give you pretty much the whole layout of this game, but in a third person point of view in a semi-story.

|| By the way, this is an RPG (role playing game)|| ||Told in the passifist route||

There are stories going through Frisk’s village about old Mt. Ebot. The other children say that the monsters of the old stories are down in the bottom of the mountain. Frisk is the nicest of the children in her village, and also the bravest. Now, these other kids were all saying that they would all go up to the mountain all together and asked Frisk to come with them. They planned to go up most of the way and let Frisk go all the way up, for they were too scared of the tales.

The next day was Saturday, and the kids met up at the bottom of the mountain.

“LET’S GO!” yelled a girl in a green and yellow sweater. Most children wore a striped sweater or T’. Some had a veriety of colors, other just had one stripe with a different color.


They started up the mountain. I took them ’till late in the afternoon to reach the top. All the kids stopped, but Frisk kept going.  She came upon a giant gapeing hole in the middle of the top of the mountain.

“Guys! Look at this! I found a giant hole!” She yelled into the hole. She turned around seeing that no one was behind her. Her foot got tangled in a dead vine while turning around. When she tried running back to see where the other kids were, the force of the vine made her bounce backwards into the hole.

She kept falling and falling for what seemed like forever. She saw something yellow beneath er. Is there a monster there that’s waiting for me to land on them, or is this a tunnle that lasts forever? She thought to herself.





Hey HEy HEY! Happy Thanksgiving! This is a day we all gather together as a family and eat a dead turkey because that’s what the pilgrims did! We also give thanks to being alive and for being able to see all family! There is one person I love that will not be coming to Thanksgiving dinner today. My aunt Colette. She was having surgery, when her heart started to go wacko. Then, when we all thought she was okay, she went into a coma or seizure. Can’t remember, the news was to much for me. So now she is going through therapy. I’m going to visit her this Saturday. Even though I didn’t see her much during my life, I still love her and she is my godmother.

Other than that, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Any one that is reading this, please pray that she will recover!

Drawing a Day

I did this once when I was younger, but it wasn’t a drawing a day, I just drew a bunch of pictures in a few days on one paper to see how I was improving. It did help a lot! Now I am doing it again. I started at the beginning of November, and I am going to stop stop the end of 2017. This is how I am doing so far:



I am doing this in a planner so I know where I am at. Days I have something going on, I don’t do a drawing because I have to fill that square with what’s going on. (Yes, I do take drama)

List of the characters (top page, going from left to right)

Sir Kitty, Me, Wenndy Cat, Karin, Rianai, Lea (BTW: I had a different character in mind, but then my ever so annoying friends decided she would color it in. It was going to be the Mystery Hero), The Queen of Diamonds, Isuck (It was an attempt at drawing guys, and I failed), Ni Ni, Qui Qui, Ti Ti, Ci Ci, Raccoon Girl, Ailise, Cora Wensley, Olive (not finished)

List of Characters (bottom page, left to right)

Emma, Bacon Cat (Wenndy’s sister),Fintly, Joanne/Violet, Psi Ball Maniac, and Speeder!

I am waiting for Monday to continue coloring. My ever so annoying friend messed up 8 squares by scribbling in colored pencil! WE’RE IN 7th GRADE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! STOP BEING SUCH A LITTLE KID!

Test Results

You may never get to know me as much as one close to me could, but you can try! I’ll show you my test results from playbuzz.com, and you can read it and figure me out. maybe.

What is your TRUE personality?

The Caregiver


istockphoto.com fzant

You are a Caregiver!

You are a very loving, warm and passionate person. You really care about the people in your life, and you will go to great lengths to help them in times of need.
Although helping others is very appreciated, it does come with a personal price. You often put the needs of others before your own, and give up on your personal ambitions in order to be there for others. You should try to take some time off from your busy day and have some me-time, you truly deserve it!

What Undertale Character are you?


Ah, Toriel..your loving, sweet, caring and always up for helping a youth or anybody when they need it! You enjoy spending time kids (or..again anybody). Your friendly and always ready to socialize. But – When you get mad, your not so “Nicey nice goat mom anymore”
reaction: This is accurate, but I like to think I am a lot more like Undyne 🙂

Which American Accent Do You Have?


You have a Western accent – and all of this time you probably thought you didn’t have an accent at all! The Western dialect of American English is a single regional dialect that unites the entire western half of the United States, including California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana! The west was the last area in the United States to be settled during the westward expansion of English-speaking people and it’s full of linguistic patterns from other regions. Your accent is general enough that no one knows exactly where you’re from. Your accent is perfect for public speaking, news broadcasting, acting, advertisements, etc.!
reaction: ~(0-0)~

Can We Guess If You’re Gay or Straight?



Our super scientific test shows that you are in fact straight.
Are we right? Tell us in the comments.
Reaction: Yep. Don’t kill me, but I am homophobic.

How Dirty is your Mind Really?

10% Dirty

You mind is 10% dirty!

You have a very mature, sophisticated and smart mind that sees things as they are.
You have a very practical way of thinking that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. You are always reliable, you have the best pieces of advice on every situation, and the people in your life can always count on you for emotional support.

Reaction: Why did I take this? WHY? Well, at least the answer was accurate.

Can I Guess Which Hogwarts You’re in Using Only Frozen Characters?


“Like” quizmaster Keva Maher on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/letitgoqueenoftheiceandsnow!
reaction: No description? ;-;

What’s Your Secret Power?

Nature Powers

You are the insightful one, and you are always questioning and exploring things. You love to learn new things and have a little fun. You’re very kind to everything around you, and you’re curious.
Reaction: ooooooooh! OwO

What Is Your True Love’s Name?



Your true love, Daniel, is extremely passionate. You are lucky that he will direct that passion towards you, because he will be caring and make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He is smart, ambitious, outgoing, and possibly a future president. No matter what he does, he will be successful, and you are a smart and strong enough person to hold your own and not get drowned in his success. Future power couple right here!
Reaction: OOOH! A future President! Well, I wasn’t expecting Daniel. I was hoping it would be Jacob  ♥

What Age Will You Find Your True Love?

At 16!




Who Is Secretly In Love With You?

Friend Request on Facebook

This person added you as a friend because they are totally in love with you! In fact, they are probably looking at all your pictures now, wondering what your kids will look like! Facebook is all about connecting and there is a reason why this individual wants to be a part of your social network! You have the kind of personality that makes people feel comfortable in your presence. Not to mention you look great in all your photos! Who knows? Maybe someday you two will become Facebook official!
Reaction: Oh shoot. I don’t have a Facebook account! Does this mean Senpai doesn’t like me ;-; (lol, of course he does)

What Disney Inspired Prom Dress Should You Where?


Reaction: Huh. That would look pretty amassing on me!

How Weird Are You?


Reaction: Wait, what????? THEY GUESSED EXACTLY- jk I am not a freak. I am just that one kid that doesn’t act normal :p

How OCD are you?

You are a little OCD


Although you don’t tend to get stuck on imperfect things, they do annoy you sometimes.
You can always spot the weak spot, and you use that quality to your advantage in day to day situations.
However, sometimes this habit can become a little distracting and negative. We advise you to pay more attention to these situations and try to avoid them.

This Inkblot Test Will Determine If You are a narcissist, a Psychopath, Both, Or Neither

Neither! You’re a completely balanced person!

Hallelujah you’re neither a narcissist nor a psychopath! You’re a completely balanced person with a very healthy relationship with yourself and the world around you. You have a grounded and mature personality with appropriate boundaries, normal levels of empathy and a healthy sense of self respect. Well done! But let’s be honest, being normal isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, you probably even envy your crazy friends. Try spicing things up a bit with deviating from your normal, balanced routine and do something completely out of character! You have nothing to lose, you’re far too balanced to “lose it”!
Reaction: Noice

Are You Smart Enough To Pass This Hit-The-Dot Test?

You’re Officially Smarter Than Others!

You hit all the dots correctly which means that you have an incredible ability to understand what you see, analyze and calculate it immediately.
On top of that, you’re very patient when you need to be and that gives you the peace of mind to actually concentrate and reach the right conclusion instead of giving up and pick a random solution.
All these indicate that you’re officially smarter than most of the population. That’s pretty impressive and you should be proud of yourself. Woot woot!

Can You actually see as Well as you Think You Can?

Ultra-Laser Vision


Are you real?
This score is really hard to get, and you totally made it! We are so impressed!
Your eyes are great with shades of color, matching prints, and completing missing pieces.

Ultra-Laser Vision!



The one I drew


What it was based off of

Frisk is a character from Undertale, an AWESOME game. I have a BUNCH of extra fan art, but it isn’t that good. ;-;

I was looking at fan art and I found this really good drawing of Frisk. Now, I’ll never draw like that unless I can draw on a computer. But I tried anyway on a piece of paper. It looks much better in real life. I had to darken it so that you can see all the details, and I have a pretty bad scanner. That’s what the green crayon mark is on every picture. A glitch in the printer.


I was up late one night, sneaking around in the kitchen looking for extraterrestrial   pastries (they are shaped like rockets!!! .0.). I heard a knock on the servants door to the outside, a very loud knock. I waited for Geastoon to answer as I hid in a cabinet (I did so, so I would not get caught). Geastoon never came, so I took it as my priority to answer the door. I of course had to put on a kitchen apron, and went to the door like a cook. Since I know nothing of what kitchen people do in their spare time answering doors, I walked like a man with no feeling in his limbs.


Then I threw open the door with a flamboyant smile. “Hello, mada- ma’am! I am the… the kitchen cook. Would you like some bread?” I said in an off-key voice to the woman standing outside the door.

In my perspective, she seemed to be a beggar woman. Then again, I do not answer doors like this, EVER, so knowing these things is really a toss-up. I was just thinking this, when I realized that the clock on top of the fireplace was clicking towards midnight. And everyone knows, that at that time, MAGICAL…. and creepy…. THINGS HAPPEN! I had to remind this poor soul that seeing the king took place during the hours when the king’s eyes were open, and that if you wanted to see him, he never visited the kitchen!

“Hello!” I said again. “If you are looking for the illustrious, 100% of a king, he is not here! I swear, he is sleeping in his bed. Please go away!” And I attempted to slam the door. But this lady had a hand that moved quicker than I eat pastries. She stopped the door, and glared down at me with ….. however that word is spelled…. VENYMUSSE EYES!!

I immediately started backing up in my Daffy Duck slippers.

“I need a place to stay, to get out of this rain.” She gestured around her like there were thousands of insects eating the walls, and I frowned, glancing around too.

“I don’t see any rain,” I said, feeling a little bit blind of all of a sudden. I even reached my hand out to see if I could feel something wet coming from outside, but my hand came back dry. My brain quickly came up the conclusion that this was either…. SLEEPWALKING!, or she was insane.


Or, she was lying. But I thought that my Mom always said that liars caught their pants on fire. And hers were not. She didn’t even have pants on! It was a dress. Just gotta clarify that.

I felt bad for her, so I asked kind of politely, “Do you see any rain?”

She just smiled simply, strangely, and said, “I need a place to rest my head.” And she gestured at her poofy hairdo. I tried not to act creeped out.

“Sure…” I said noncommittally. “But do you have to? I’m not a legitimate babysitter, and I can’t stay up much longer.”

Her eyes kind of hardened. “I do not need your assistance. Just your permission to enter.”

“Uh…. Sorry, I can’t let you in. I… um….” This was tough for me to say. “-Cant’ let strangers… inside the palace! But if you want to, you can sleep in the courtyard! There’s no rain, so…. makes yourself comfy! Cause strangers don’t cross this door… and you are obviously a stranger to me.”

She raised her hand firmly. “Quiet! I have heard enough! Your rudeness is inconceivable! Because you have not let me in, I shall turn you into a beast to drive away every woman that comes your way! And I will turn all of your servants, and the people you love into mere objects!” I was lost at inconsebable. The rest of my brain imploded because that word did not belong.

“Uh… lesson on the English language,” I started to say, raising my finger in admonishment, when suddenly a bright wand appeared in her hand. I dropped my hand as her dress completely changed into a startling gown made out of either pigeon feathers, or they were loosely laced on jewels. Either which way, I hated them.

I was about to tell her they weren’t her color, when I noticed the wand growing larger. I decided it was more exciting, because it almost got as tall as her. A wand, seriously. An eleven foot wand. I know, because I measured it.

Then I noticed we were still having a conversation. “Did you mention something about the servants?” I asked, since I had to keep on top of things. I was the man of the kitchen door at the time.

“They are now objects, and you will be a monster!”

“So… why?” I asked, completely curious.

“So that girls will never love you, just like you have no kindness in your heart!” She sounded a little frantic to get the point across, so I just nodded my head.

“Okay.” Then the thought of no girls actually paying attention to me dawned on me. “Can you actually take care of that quick? My Mom said that I have to get married in a few years, and that would help immensely! No married, no stupid girls hanging around the place! Cheers!” I said giddily.

She started to look really angry, so I backed up my words a little bit. “Sorry?” I asked, raising my hands in the hopes of calming the wrath that was coming. Women are so weird. If you don’t seem impressed by what they threaten, then they get so upset that they actually might not do what they said they would do originally! And I didn’t want that!

“I-I’m sorry!” I said, pretending to be so afraid of being turned into a monster that night. “I-I didn’t mean to harm your ideas or abilities in making me frivolous!” She raised an eyebrow. “I mean, hideous,” I added, bowing my head to acknowledge my mistake in words. “Can you take care of it now?” I asked, trying to act like I just wanted the blow over with.

She stuck up her nose at me, reminding me of the stupid girls she was saving me from. I smiled secretly to myself as she raised her great eleven-foot wand over my head.

“A beast forever, unless someone can love this hideous mistake of a boy! If by then,” she sighed impatiently, like she did this every day, “someone has fallen in love with you by the age of twenty-one –deeply– you can have your human form back.”

“Shucks,” I said to myself. “Not safe yet. I’ll have to think of something to make everyone think I’m hideous until that time. But that’ll be easy.” I rubbed my hands together maliciously, and then stood up, satisfied that she had taken care of the spell by now. But my hands still looked human.

“Just on your face,” she added, much to my dismay.


“Just on my– what?! Oh, come on! Still a human body!”

“Yes. You’re already hideous enough,” she said distractedly. “Just hurry up and go look in the mirror. I have places to be, people to change.” She glanced at me threateningly, but I only gave her a grim snarl back.

“Now I’m just weird,” I said, dissatisfied. “Just get it over with…” I mumbled. ” I wanted the whole package. Then there’s no way anyone will ever have to live with me!”

I waved my arms impatiently, and walked back inside the kitchen, taking off the apron. The lady sold hooky stories! She didn’t actually do what she promised she’d do! But at least it would be fun waking up and scaring the whole country with my new looks!

I kind of brightened up at that thought, and slowly closed the kitchen door, deciding to go back to bed. I was kind of tired, but at least I had things to dream about now. For me, being hideous in the face was the last straw I needed to have all the fun adventures I had wanted!

“Oh, and I forgot,” she said, opening the door again.

“Hey! That’s rude!” I said, turning around. “I’m supposed to open the door!”

“Well, you already did,” she said. “You need this.” She tossed a worn brown sack on the floor, and then turned around and closed the door. I went to look inside the bag, expecting more disappointments, but instead, I saw a weirdly shaped red rose. I picked it up, disgusted at her stupid conditions, and then it moved.

I jumped back, and dropped it onto the floor. “Uh, forget it!” I said, going over to the fireplace and sitting in one of the chairs. Then I heard something scraping the floor. When I glanced over, there was a little creature standing there, with a red petal skirt and big blue eyes.

“Hi. My name is Rose,” she said.


Collaboration with Swing on a Star in Legend series 😉

My Precious Kitty


I have had this drawing for a while, and I have shown it off to many people! I could have done better in the marker shading, but other than that, I think it looks awesome. Now, don’t ask me what kind of cat it is, because I don’t know what cat I was inspired off of.           ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some people asked me why the cat looked so sad. I did not mean to make the cat look sad, I meant it to look calm and pleased. Tell me in the comments what you think the cat’s face is expressing!

I did have other animal drawings, like a turtle, a dog, a doe, and I think another cat (but with a much different expression). I have little sibling so who knows where those pictures went. They could be in South Korea for all I know. XD

Old Drawings

I said that I have been drawing sense I was ten, right? So I found one of my older art dump and I thought I could share it with everyone! 🙂 BTW: There is music in here! If you have other music playing, I suggest you turn it off!
//scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/127024510/?autostart=falseThis is a challenge thing. I have people on a different website ask me to draw characters or objects. If you see something that isn’t finished, don’t worry, I’m working on something. I think there is a half finished cookie. Ya, someone asked me to draw a cookie. (This art is done on the computer where I have to take circles and shape them to how I need them)

//scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/116814754/?autostart=false This is the art dump I found! Wow, I have changed… I actually have these pictures in a binder somewhere! They’re from… earlier this year, wow! I improved that fast because I decided I should start reading books on how to draw in that certain way. Like how to draw the base, and different bases.

I know this isn’t related, but this what I meant by I animate as well:

//scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/127707873/?autostart=falseI waist my time making MEMEs sometimes. 😉   I do make actual animations, but they aren’t that good. It is more fun to make these because they take some scripting to make the arms and the head go up and down. It also gets me more remixes and viewers. If you find my profile on scratch, you can look at my animations if you really want to.

November 11, 2016

Today was a half day at school. Me and a friend had stayed back from a school trip, so we were stuck in a class room for three hours. Everyone started to get tired, and we all slept on the floor and chairs! I don’t want to go into too much detail, like my friends name because she might not want everyone knowing her name. At the end of the day, me and 2 other friends walked down the road until we had to part way to go to out houses. 🙂